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CFair's Bag

Postby cfair » Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:04 am

So I'm going through a more strenuous discing down and really thinking about what I'll have in my bag at each level.

Putter - Summit, Ridge, and VP. I'm going to test the Summit and Ridge for putting but the Ridge is my primary disc overall here. The VP is for wind and even then I still drive, approach, and putt the Ridge. I'll try both a firm Summit and Ridge for putting and the settle on which one I'll dedicate to putting but the Ridge is set as my driving, approach putter, and hopefully my putter putter and I'll drop the Summit. VP stays unless I learn to confidently throw the Ridge in wind.

Mids - testing out the Buzzz, it may replace my Rocs. I'll use either Roc or Buzzz for mid only because I think both can make all shots necessary.

Fairway - Ascent/Stalker. Testing the Ascent so we'll see if it can wrestle me away from the TL or Stalker. I really like the Stalker but after seeing a buddy of mine throw a beautiful anhyzer with the ascent I'm convinced this disc will be able to do a lot for me (once I get back to using winged drivers). Now to see how it beats in.. Xlink.

Overstable Fairway - Banshee, love it. Wind/Utility disc but the gf stole it. It was Pepto Pink with a rainbow hotstamp. She liked it, oh well, new one.

Understable Utility - Monarch for rollers and just other weird stuff I would need it to do.

The rest of this I have to hash out as I go. but here are my thoughts

Big D - Will have to do a lot of looking around... thinking Surge SS though.

Big D Wind - Flick, Pulse, or Teerex. I love me some Teerex but I want to give the Flick and Pulse a try.

So my bag in short looks like this

Go To's
Ridge < 280 (hopefully 320)
Buzz < 330 (hopefully 380)
Ascent < 400 (hopefully 450)
Surge SS/whatever I decide < 500 (hopefully one day...)

Banshee < 400
Teerex/Flick/Pulse <500 (hopefully...)

Monarch = whatever I need it to do.

So roughly 7-9 molds and when you factor in backups of each disc that gives you roughly 14-18 discs for a bag + a throw away or two for water/danger holes or spots to test out a new disc.
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