Need disc/weight suggestions

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Need disc/weight suggestions

Postby Redisculous » Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:22 pm

So after lot's of practice I can stretch a PD out to 400'ish feet (measured on a football field) on a good day, but usually it's more like 360. Most of my drivers are in the 167ish range, and have been throwing mostly understable plastic my whole 2.5 year DG career. I have one eco star wraith that is kind of beefy for me still, but I'm told that the Estar versions are like that and perhaps I would benefit from just a plain old wraith at this point? Is there another driver I should consider? Should I move up in weight? The only disc I have that I can depend on going mostly left is my 172 SPD, but it is still fresh and I don't know how it will fly once it breaks in. I have a pretty decent bag going I think, I may just throw PD's in various plastics especially now that there is another DGR fundraiser going. I just wonder if I should move up in weight, or if I could benefit from a faster disc at this point.

Here's my setup:

175 M Wizard (1)the most overstable of the wizards in my bag shorter drives that need to finish left

175 S Wizards (3)various stages of beat for driving/putting

175-180 Comets (4) Z and ESP, various levels of beat. I use these more than anything on my local course.

175 Buzz's (3) ESP and Z, when a comet just isn't stable enough. I actually prefer DX Ranchos but hate cycling, and I don't need beat rocs, I have comets for
those shots. And quite honestly, after throwing comets for the last year and a half, buzzes seem pretty overstable.

167 PPD getting flippy, replacing my valkyries, longest disc in the bag if I have the room to S it out.

172 PPD lazers and long shallow hyzers

167 S Valkyries Several in various stages of beat, overlapping with my PPD that gets much more attention

172 SPD this is the only overstable thing in my bag.

167 EStar Wraith I don't throw it much, haven't gotten the hang of it.

What do I need to round this out? I know I need some overstable plastic, will a CPD cover that slot? I like the idea of having a bag full of only 5 different discs. Should I get a faster max D driver? I practice as much as I can, but time has been limited lately. I'm confident I will be able to hit 400' with drivers consistently by the end of this season but I doubt I will have the time to really focus on getting much more than that.

Honestly I am open to any suggestions, I feel like my bag is lacking somehow, but idk what. Tell me what I should be throwing :)
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Re: Need disc/weight suggestions

Postby elnino » Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:05 am

yeah if you aren't missing a more stable mold and you are throwing 400 in the midwest then i think you do practice a lot and have great form. but maybe a CPD would be more foregiving if you misread the wind or throw poorly it will still go left.

are you replacing the valks?

how far do you throw the buzzz? i think the wasp is closer to a roc. just smaller and tiny bit more stable. but if you don't mis a stable mid then that is great.
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