Bag issue

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Bag issue

Postby Torg » Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:54 am

My current most used discs-

Drivers- Star Orcs
Fairway Drivers- Star Tls
Mids -Dx and Kc Pro Rocs
Utility- Meteor
Putting and short drives - Wizards

The problem is that I find I have overlap with TLs and the Orcs- They both go about 380' for me, yeah my distance is down this year. My Rocs do about 340'. I have been trying out Rivers and really like them, they are just short of the TLs for me but I like the line they hold. I have also been trying out Pro Wraiths and they are flying well. My distance isn't up with them yet but it will be. I expect to be able to get 420' out of them. So how do I work a bag without so much overlap or do I just live with it. Right now I am thinking of just going-

Pro Wraith -open distance
Star Orc - Very good control distance
Fairway drivers-
Star Tl - Control and distance? Seems like overlap
River- Shaped drives -It excels at shorter S shaped drives and driving it hard. It always comes back and that is an issue.
Mids- I am happy with the Rocs

Putters - Happy with the Wizards

I know I have to add a good wind disc. I usually carry a Excaliber.
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Re: Bag issue

Postby RocHed » Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:16 pm

Wraith and Orc are slight overlap, but your Orc's could just be a stepping stone until you start getting your Wraiths out there like you want. I think the TL and the River fit together. If you want to add an understable fairway driver I'd suggest an Express. Can't go wrong with Roc's and the Wizard is a nice putter.

For a wind disc I like Xcals, Max's and Firebirds.

Your bag setup is simple and gets it done.
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Re: Bag issue

Postby Pwingles » Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:43 pm

i agree with Rochead, if anything its your orcs and wraiths that overlap (and to some degree the combo of Roc, TL and meteor), but honestly i like how they complement each other.
Orc is very versatile at different speeds, so i would say use it for all driving duties except for max D, open D, excessive wind or when something really unique comes along but your bag is nice.

Wraith- max D, open/tailwind drives, long hyzerflips (idk how beat it is but theyre good for that)
Orc- workhorse driver
TL- when you need something faster than your roc but not very stable, something to bridge that gap between Orc and Roc distance wise
XCal- wind distance, and probably spike hyzers and some skips

Rocs, wizs and meteor seems like you have all shots and distances covered here I like it

* do you think your meteor overlaps a bit with a beat roc and a TL? idk im just asking, ive never thrown a meteor but my understanding is its understable. I suppose if you dont have a beat roc it would be perfect tho
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Re: Bag issue

Postby Torg » Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:41 am

It doesn't really overlap. It is a specialty disc for me. If I need a really good anhyzer that glides it is the go to disc. You don't have to throw it very hard to get it to do that shot, making it perfect for short recovery shots out of the woods. You could argue that it overpaos with a beat Roc I guess, but the Roc doesn't do that shot as well as it does.

Thanks for the comments.
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Re: Bag issue

Postby zj1002 » Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:53 am

you dont really have any overlap. you bag is pretty solid if you keep an xcal in the bag. it should be able to handle any type of course. My bag will sometimes have an eagle, valk, solf, and qols. now reasonably I can use just one of those discs, rather than all 4, but some discs are just better at certain lines(see your meteor comment). Your bag isn't overflowing with discs, which is good. Learn which lines the TL, Orc, and Wraith excel at. The TL should handle all your straight/flat/turnover shots and the orc will handle any kind of hyzer of you need(flat, sweeping, hyzer flip). The wraith can be used as a longer orc. These discs don't overlap, they compliment each other.
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