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richardmmill's bag

Postby richardmmill » Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:47 pm

Most things in this bag double and overlap because I think its important to have backups when in a tourny, if you happen to loose something you need. I am also thinking of moving to a stiffer putter, not sure yet. I just recently changed my putting style to a straddle putt something similar to Nikko. I am rated at 903. I am not so sure about the rpro bosses. I think I might get pro boss 175 something that will beat in and be a good distance tailwind driver to replace the rpro bosses. Let me know what you think.

Innova comp with quads

Distance Drivers:

Xcaliber 175 champ glo- tamahawk 350
Xcaliber 175 champ glo- tamahawk backup/rotation

Xcaliber 175 star- 1st run forehand more overstable up to 400
Xcaliber 175 star- forehand up to 400

Boss 175 star- spike hyzers
Boss 175 champ xg- Backhand power distance 450+

Boss 159 rpro- Backhand power w/tailwind
Boss 146 rpro- roller (rarely used)


SL 175 champ- Backhand most stable ~350
SL 172 star- Backhand stable ~350
SL 170 star- Backhand stable ~350
SL 172 star- backhand beat understable ~325
SL 172 star- backhand superbeat understable ~325

Odyssey ULRD 175- backhand similar to SL but more fade, floats


Whippet 175 KC 11x- backhand skipshots ~175-250
Whippet 174 DX- backhand skipshots in woods and short forehands ~175-250


Mako 177 star- does anything backhand ~175-275


Pig 171 pro- forehand up to 150 and head wind putts

Aviar pna 175 rpro- putting and approaching worn perfect
Aviar pna 173 rpro- putting and approaching newer uphill approach/backup
Aviar pna 173 rpro- putting and approaching newer uphill approach/backup
Xcaliber - Boss - SL - Whippet - Mako - Pig - Aviar pna
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