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My Bag

Postby Matt M » Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:06 pm

I have a few more discs than this but these are the ones i mainly use:

Distance Drivers:
Z Nuke- Cant maximize this one yet, got it just to try it out
Quarter K- Use this one for longer open shots, i like it but it fades a little to much for my liking
DX Sidewinder- Go To Driver, use it for left right and center shots.
Champ Roadrunner- For hard turnovers

Fairway Drivers
DX Teebird- Got this one because ive heard good things about it, don't use it too too often
Opto Trident- Hard Left Shots
Champ Leopard- Got to midrange, like it alot but also started using and XL, cant decide which one i like better

Opto Core & D-Line Aftershock- Main two midrange
Also been trying out a gator, stingray, and dart.

Soft Voodoo
DX Aero- For longer shots

Also maybe looking to get a river, and a roc or buzzz?
Maybe a new putter

Thanks for your help!
Matt M
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