So how's my bag looking?

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So how's my bag looking?

Postby JHBlader86 » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:02 am

Z Predator- Headwinds, spike hyzers
S PD- Moderate winds, hyzers
P PD New- Distance, straight shots
P PD Moderate- Distance, turnovers
P PD Beat- Anhyzers, rollers
Ch. TeeBird- Hyzer, moderate wind midshots
Z Glow Buzzz- All purpose mid
D Buzzz- Anhyzer, turnover mid
M Wizard- Short drives, windy putts
D Focus- Main putter

Thinking about taking out the TeeBirds and using the S PD for windy mid shots. Any critiques at all??
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Re: So how's my bag looking?

Postby elnino » Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:44 pm

can you land that teebird/ pd on a straight path like your buzzes? might look at a wasp or stalker depending on which midrange shots you are talking about into the wind...... throwing a teebird 250 into a headwind and landing straight might be a tad difficult...not impossible just need to really understand how it lands.
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Re: So how's my bag looking?

Postby Pwingles » Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:14 pm

as far as the PD over TB for windy mid shots, it depends on what distances youre throwing. I Used to throw TB's and i loved them, but i use a roc/putter/xXx for 90% of my mid shots and they work for me, im assuming you mean 200-and closer? I think at this range the TB will be more versatile since the PD takes more power to do things, if all you want is a predictable flight and fade in the wind i think the TB will cover that, but with practice the PD will also its just not as good at it at that range. There are a lot of things the PD does well, including power down, but I still find the TB to be a more versatile option at this range and for this purpose. So you could go either way, just use them both for a bit and see which one gives you the performance youre looking for in that spot.
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