My New BAG

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My New BAG

Postby MorningWood » Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:11 am

Distance- 350- 375 forehand backhand 300-350

Distance Drivers

2x Pearly Orcs
Star TeeRex
Esp Flash

Champion Eagle
Champion TeeBird x2
Z Stalker

Mid Range
2 dx san marino roc 1 beat one fresh
1 KC Pro Roc
Esp Wasp
Esp Zone
Z Buzz

2 beat jk avairs
1 fresh jk avair for upshots.


3 dx rocs diffrent wear
11x kc pro roc -----------------> I use all these rocs from anything 200- 300.
12x kc pro roc
esp wasp
esp zone
ace race

3x Pearly Orcs
Star TeeRex
Champion Teebird 11x x2
z stalker
z xl
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