My honorable bag - or not?

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My honorable bag - or not?

Postby latitude » Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:02 pm

Been working with my bag in theory pretty much and has come up to the following setup. I throw ~400'.

2 DGA Hurricane - max distance
1 beaten in Z Force - Overstable max distance, wind disc
1 Star Firebird - very overstable, many forehand approaches
1 TD Rush - understable

1 FR S-PD - slightly overstable control driver
1 Star TL - stable/understable control driver

1 Z Hornet - overstable headwind midrange
1 Z Buzzz - Unusually stable buzzz - straight
1 MD2 Fiend - understable

1 ESP Zone - overstable forehand approaches
1 Medium Ion - straight/understable forehand approaches
1 SP Reef - my putter
2 SS Wizard - driving putter (one straight, one overstable)
1 S Magic - understable driving putter

total 14 molds, 16 discs.


Has had a D Drone in the bag for a while but realized it sort of overlapped with my Zone when thrown backhand. A faster Hornet might have more distance potential than a D Drone and sort of not overlap with my Zone, or am I wrong?
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Re: My honorable bag - or not?

Postby Pwingles » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:39 pm

could probably lose one or 2 putter molds IMO.

I would go Ion, Wiz, Zone, Reef (if reef is your putting putter)

Ion and wiz would be straight and slightly more stable driving putters and you could still FH the Ion like before, but you can make an Ion hold that anny line so it would take over the understable stuff your magic did.

Also maybe an X buzz to go with your Z
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Re: My honorable bag - or not?

Postby NoMoreTinCup » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:50 pm

Force and Firebird? I feel like the Force is longer, but still similar. I would be interested in your thoughts on keeping both discs, as well as hearing if your Fiend is really understable. Mine is not. Just curious.
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Re: My honorable bag - or not?

Postby keltik » Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:42 pm

I agree with "KP" about the MD2. It should be more of an overlap with your Buzzz. maybe it is beat up.

your bag is a bit too mold heavy for my tastes. I would definitely get rid of some putters. I would go Reef/Wiz or Reef/ION (I've really been digging the ION lately). I'm leaning more towards Reef/Wiz since you have an "OS" wizard.

do you think you could power down the TD to cover the TL's shots? do you think you could stretch the TL to cover the TD's?
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Re: My honorable bag - or not?

Postby Leopard » Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:31 pm

i like your multi-putter setup -- they have distinct strengths and uses
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