Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Thatdirtykid » Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:39 am

Med Ion (2-3)
Z Comet
Z Buzzz
ESP Cyclone (2)
Z Pred (2)
Z Force (2)
Z Nuke

all the molds I carry 2 of, its a new and a beat similar shape similar weight.
If the course handles rollers I have a OLS for that. Occasionally have a 125g #2 upshot in the bag, as well as a champ rhyno. I am currently beating in a D zone to hopefully replace the champ rhyno.
I am also messing with an aftershock, and will be messing with a hornet to possibly replace the buzzz as they are not stable enough to be the perfect compliment to my comet(s)
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby CatPredator » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:16 pm

172 12x KC Pro Aviar x2; primary tool
170 DX Aviar
175 D Zone

174 ESP Hornet
171 Z Buzz x2
173 ESP Meteor; trouble shots/rollers

173 Star Eagle-X
175 Champ Teebird x2

170 Z Pred x2-3; I have a lot of Preds that cover a wide stability range

174 Z Force
174 Z Nuke
174 Older sweet flippy Z-ish ESP Surge
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Steve » Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:49 pm

172 Glow Wizard - Putter

175 Z Hornet - Auditioning against Sanny Q-Sents for overstable mid
175 CE QMS - Main mid used for 80% of my shots, also used for 1 disc rounds
176 CE QMS - As beat as CE will get, does great for right to left of any amount

175 Glow Gazelle - Stable fairway
173 JLS - Understable fairway

174 EXP-1 (1.7) - wickedly overstable driver
175 Sirius Orion LF - New and overstable
175 Sirius Orion LF - Used and less overstable
169 Quantum Orion LS - Understable distance
175 Elite X Nuke - Trying it out for fun (wheeeeeeee!)
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Robin Hood » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:34 pm

174 Z Crush - Super overstable
173 ESP Crush - Sidearm D and Hyzers
174 ESP Surge - Long straight shots
173 ESP Surge - Max D
174 Z Surge SS - Long turnovers
173 Z Tracker - Overstable fairway drives and most sidearms
173 PC Z Tracker - Stable control driver
169 Glo Z Tracker - Rollers, fairway turnovers, and controlled S shots
177 Z Hornet - Overstable mid
178 Z Buzzz - Stable Buzzz
177 Z Buzzz - Doing what a Buzzz does
177 Z Comet - Main mid, straight shots
174 Z Comet - Turnover mid
174 ESP Zone - Hyzer approach disc and short range sidearms
174 Pro D Challenger - Putter drivers, approach shots
2x 174 Pro D Challengers - Putting and short approach

Forces will take over the Crush/Surge combo eventually eliminating 1 mold. I feel like I can make any shot happen with this set up.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby lowracks » Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:40 pm

Star Max - flicks, spikes, rollers, utility
SOLF (2) - moderately overstable control driver, headwind
Champ Roadrunner - turnovers, annies, hyzerflips, tailwind

Z Buzzz (2) - stable midrange shots up to 330'
Opto Fuse - Turnovers and annies under 330'

Wizards for putting driving and approaching
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Billym » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:43 pm

172 S Wizard well seasoned; main putter
172 S Wizard used; back up putter,upshots, drives, forehand upshots
174 S Wizard new; hyzer upshots; extreme wind putter, headwind drives
172 S Voodoo; accidentally made it into bag often used for dead straight drives and turnover drives

180 flat *Mako used; straight to turnover mid (anything too risky for FR Mako)
180 FR*Mako; Same as above but a bit more stable
180 2009 *USDGC Roc; Stable mid hyzer finish and headwind mid
180 DX Rancho Roc seasoned utility mid

175 DX Gazelle Beat; turnovers
172 CFR glow Gazelle; love Gazelles but the Eagles really rule this spot, I do use it for powered down drives and fairway shots.
175 SEX well seasoned; utility driver, super straight, hyzer flips, headwind turnovers, forehands
175 flat 12x (feels like 11x) Eagle L slightly used; beating this in and fills a slot between other Eagles, Anny flexes LOVE ELs!
171 11x Champion Eagle X; headwind, overstable, strong hyzer finishes, stable forehand shots, skips pretty well, too stable to Anny flex

175 Champ SW used; turnovers, hyzer flips
175 11x Champion Firebird; headwind, over stable
175 Pro Wraith Nice and beat up; tailwind distance, hyzer flips, big S shots
175 Pro Destroyer slightly beat; headwind distance, same shots as wraith but into the wind
175 Pro Destroyer Brand new; Overstable distance

things that may or may not ride along depending on the course, weather or tourney;
180 2006 USDGC Champion Roc; More stable mid for windier days
175 Pro Leopard beat up; super straight, turnovers
171 *TL trying this out and may take a spot from a less stable Eagle OVE TL's too!
175 Pro Katanah used; uber distance, tailwinds, even long hyzers
175 FR Nuke used; kind of competes with the Katanah but has some differences to have both; uber distance, drive with a straight finish with little fade
175 *Xcal nasty huge winds; takes new Destroyer slot on days it blows stink
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby J-Man » Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:59 pm

pretty close to last year:
Pro D Challenger
Pro D Soft Mag
Pro D Buzzz (2)
X Buzzz
Z Glow Buzzz
X Comet (new for 2011)
Pro Rogue (2)
Glo Nuke
this is the day bag, for night time
Photon Challenger
Photon Buzzz
Photon XL
Photon Talon
Z Glo Nuke
Z Glo Stalker
With the glo season in full swing this night bag is getting a good workout. Oh how I wish Bid D would go back to Photon
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby MR. WICK » Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:56 am

My bag for 2011 - pretty similar to last year. Addition of the X nuke and the hornet.

172 Star X Cal
170 X nuke
170 First Run ESP Nuke X 2
172 12X champ teebird
172 DX teebird
175 11X firebird X 2
170 Eco* valkyrie x2

175 Champ Gator
174 Z Hornet
175 X buzzz x2

174 CT Challenger x2
174 ESP Banger GT
172 Pro D Magnet
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby jubuttib » Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:13 am

174 Baseline/Premium JOKERi (depending on the course)
175 Medium ION
165 FR Soft ION

175 S-GM x2 (straight and freaky overstable)
180 SG-MD1
180 P-MD2 (will be replaced with a ~176 P-MD2)

170 S-TD (stiff, very straight)
175 S-TD (gummy champystar, understable goodness)
171 S-PD (overstable)
175 S-PD (light blue lower PLH one, pretty close to the champystars)
172 C-PD

175 P-PD2 (testing)
175 ES-DD2
171 P-DD2

Main differences from last year: dropped the Meteor (got too overstable, funnily enough), Ridge (nothing wrong with it, the JOKERi just has the advantage of being Finnish) and the Vision (I'll dig up that occasionally though, it's just too much fun)
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby discin18 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:20 am

175 sss wizard x2 1 beat
175 d zone (os midrange fh approaches)

177 crystal z buzzz
177 buzzz ss
177 meteor
180 sp squall

175 s katana (open fairway distance)
171 s katana flippy
175 eco boss
173 ch boss FH driver
173 ch destroyer FH distance
173 opto flow
175 eco 12X wraith
175 pro wraith beat
175 eco teebird
175 cfr Tl
175 ch sidewinder
173 flick Thumber
175 11x firebird Thumber beat to hell
175 11X firebird
172 ch banshee
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby MR. WICK » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:52 am

IMO you have way too many drivers. Narrow that down.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby anubis080 » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:11 am

170 Wizard G9i - short drives
175 Medium Wizard - main putter
175 Supersoft Wizard - jump putts

175 Z Hornet - overstable mid/flex shots
175 Z Buzzz - stable mid

175 S PD - stable fairway driver
175 P PD - little less stable
175 Star Leopard - slow control

175 opto xXx - forehand overstable driver/trick shots
168 Opto Halo - backhand overstable driver
168 GL Halo - backhand bomber
173 Champ Boss - forehand bomber
175 GL Flow - finesse driver
173 ESP Nuke - rollers

Depending on how well the PD2 flies, may be getting rid of the Halo/Boss
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby pointdisc » Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:21 am

Nearly the same as it's been the last few years:

175 R-Pro Tank - main
175 XG champ rhyno - main/drives/approaches
175 Champ rhyno - drives/approaches

180 E Element-x (worn/nearly beat)
182 E Element-x (newish)

168 DX Eagle-x (beat)
172 DX Eagle-x (worn)
175 Champ Eagle-x (worn but in the $$$ stable spot)

168 QOLS or 170 SOS (QOLS in winter b/c the SOS is white - both new)
168 SOLF (worn)
170 SOLF (newish)
174 GL Flow (trial)

168 DX Firebird (BH, water shots)
172 11x Firebird (worn/beat - BH/FH/OH)
175 11x Firebird (new - OH)
Rhyno - Element X - Eagle - Firebird - SOLF - QOLS
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby lemberger » Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:32 am


2x Jk-aviar-x (hell yeah) 175g
1x XG Rhyno 175g


Flx buzzz 175g
cryztal z buzzz 177g
esp Wasp 175g


1x Quontuam LS 175g nice understable beayty
3x Star wraith 175g Understable to stable
1x kc pro ch banshee 165g
1x firstrun star destroyer 175g
And lucky charm Ch firebird
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby veganray » Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:56 pm

brown rubber vomit proto VP (166g)
orange X-Link Soft proto Ridge (171g)
orange X-Link Soft Eco proto Summit (166g)
white 11x KC Pro Aviar (171g)
black flattop 12x KC Pro Aviar (171g)
red DX Goblin (150g)
white DX Gremlin (165g)
blue DX Gremlin (172g)
orange ProLine Gremlin (168g)
white STAR Gremlin (167g)
clear CE Whippet-x (170g)
blue gummy ProLine Leopard (149g)
green gummy 11x KC Champion Teebird (150g)
orange gummy 11x KC Champion Firebird (149g)
white Champion Banshee (146g)
green gummy Champion Monarch (152g)
white R-Pro Katana (151g)
pink R-Pro Boss (150g)

Thinking of trimming the weight by dumping both the 11x Aviar & the 12x Aviar and employing the Summit/VP combo for longer approach duties. Thoughts?

red gummy Champion Viking (150g)
orange DX Gremlin (150g)
yellow Z Xtreme (171g)
white hypersoft proto R-Pro XD (175g)

I often mix it up with the nighttime bag, swapping out the putter & the driver at my whim.
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