Noob Sloppy's 2011 Bag

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Noob Sloppy's 2011 Bag

Postby sloppydisc » Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:05 pm

Here's my experience and abilities:

2 years of playing
Max drive = 300' RHBH. Normal drive 250'.
Thumber - Accurate to 300' with ability to change arm angles and hit different lines
Putting is solid inside the circle. Hit and miss outside.
Decent accuracy on approaches to 150'


172 SSS Wizard - Worn and used for all putts and shots at the chains
175 SSS Wizard - New and still firm. Rotation slot for new Wizards


170 Star Cro - Old crutch. Approaches in wind or when shot must lie down. Working forehand.
171 GL Core - Main mid.
174 Sparkle Core - Backup and more stable


162 GL River - Main driver
170 Opto River - Backup and heavier for light winds
168 GL Striker - Forehand and short thumber disc
172 GL Striker - Backup. Can power down for hyzers around obstacles
172 XXX - Thumber disc and utility shots. Hyzers and forehands also.

I also have a decent stash of 11x Champ Teebirds and a few Eagles that I am considering trying out as my stable/overstable compliment to my Rivers. Or I could just use the Strikers, but they are a little fast for my current ability. I will also probably try out the new Latitude mid when it comes out. Please advise and insult as necessary. No feelings or ego to hurt here. I welcome all opinions. Thanks for helping.
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Re: Noob Sloppy's 2011 Bag

Postby BrotherDave » Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:12 pm

Where the hell is your Fuse?
Some discs of various sizes, weight, plastic and mold.
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