Snow day bag post....

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Snow day bag post....

Postby jaydub803 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:50 am

I've been refining and reducing my playing bag lately. Went from (molds) 3 putters, 5 mids, 2 fairways, and various distance to:

-2x kcpro aviar 172 and 176

-cfr mako 177
-cfr mako 180 on the way
-12x kc pro roc 171
-11x kc pro roc 177 *'09 on the way to replace this slot, 11x may stay instead of 12x*
-star san marino roc 176 (very hard left fader, almost like throwing a gator which may also be in here)
-champ panther 172
-dx roc and cobra for hazard shots

-Fairway drivers-
-dx viper 172
-11x champ teebird ? 166-168 don't remember and it smudged
-12x champ teebird 168
-12x champ eagle 168

-Long range-
-star road runner 170
-star beast 164
-pro destroyer 165 on the way, have a beat in 175 for now

I usually throw a roc or mako on anything under 250'. Over that and I use a long range or fairway depending on space available. My go to fairway is the 11x tb, it has no fade on straight shots but holds any line a LONG way out. I can mis throw it on annies occasionally so I usually hit the road runner for those. The beast is my longest range disc but the wind gets it sometimes. The destroyer is too heavy for me but a good wind disc, I can't wait to try a lighter one. If I am throwing around water and need a long control shot the viper is great, I could play whole rounds just it and a putter but they beat up quick. Short approaches on water I usually throw the roc for hyzer and the cobra for anhyzer.
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