mid question

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mid question

Postby rusch_bag » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:20 pm

Should I just throw rocs or should I go rocs paired with comets?
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Re: mid question

Postby Thatdirtykid » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:37 pm

Do you really like how a thrashed DX roc flys?
Do you like carrying 4-7 midranges?
Then I would throw just Rocs

If you want less discs (although 1 more mold) I think Roc+Comet is better.

new *, KC or Champ Roc, Newish DX or KC, Z comet, X Comet should cover everthing.
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Re: mid question

Postby jaydub803 » Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:14 am

I used to carry several all the time, from kite to gator, for a range of stability. Then I realized the difference that disc weight makes and I started going to the roc more and more. Now I carry only rocs and makos for mids, but only because a cfr mako flies about the same as my beat up kc rocs did. The mako actually flies about the same as my z comet but has a more predictable flight path on turning shots for me. I like the consistency of using champ and star type plastics over the pro and dx beat in ritual because if it comes down to it I have brand new versions of all the discs I throw waiting to replace anything I lose or damage.

Try this to see what discs you rely on and why: play rounds with your normal bag but remove one disc that you find essential and see what you can throw instead for the same shot. I use that method to weed out what I need or don't need in my bag and to diagnose form issues. I was throwing rocs in all different plastics for a while for mids, so one day I took out the one I used most (kc pro) and played. I ended up realizing that I had no use for about 3 discs in my bag, and that I need to learn to throw a neutral disc better.
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Re: mid question

Postby Sean40474 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:32 pm

I like the idea of having a stable mid, understable mid, and a overstable mid myself. I throw a Comet, Buzzz, and Sentinel and it works out pretty well. I was throwing the Drone for the longest time, but I like how the Sentinel works for me at this point in time.
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Re: mid question

Postby zj1002 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:19 pm

I think it helps having a disc like a comet to pair with a roc. A lot of people get caught up in being a "one mid to rule them all" thrower. I used to live this way(carrying up to 10 rocs at one point) but have cut it down to just premium plastic mids. I stopped carrying different stages of roc's, and now use a roc/qms/sent combo. I can cover a lot more shots and don't have to scroll through my roc's trying to pick the perfect one. I can just focus on picking a type of disc and throwing the line. It has really elevated and opened up my midrange game. I can cover a lot more while only carrying 5 mids(1 star roc, 1 champ roc, 2 ce qms, 1 qsent).
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Re: mid question

Postby uNicedmeMan » Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:34 pm

Back when I had a kong I would carry 5 wizards and 5 rocs all the time. I got rid of the kong and have been using my squirrel monkey for everything which limits me to 2 wizards and 3 rocs. I've realized during this time that I can get pretty much everything done with a beat dx rancho, seasoned dx rancho, new rancho, seasoned wiz, newish wiz. The only problem with that setup is I don't have room for a "putting only" wizard and I generally don't like to throw my putting wizards at all.

Honestly, the middle rancho gets thrown for 80% of my roc shots. By adjusting nose+hyzer/anhyzer angles I can get most things down with it. IMO less is more but YMMV.
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