2011 starting line-up

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2011 starting line-up

Postby RustyP » Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:39 pm

For the 2011 season (or at least the beginning of it):

175 1.2 QOLF - stable distance driver. Handles a decent headwind well, like stretching my stable Eagle out another 50+ft.

174 1.1 SOLF - slightly understable distance driver. Best mix of D and control for me. Used for looong rollers too.

174 ESP Pred - beefy overstable pig. Mostly for very high wind situations and bh / fh utility shots.

172 Z Pred - Workhorse overstable distance driver. Strong overstable finish, but fairly neutral at high speeds, so its very workable.

170 11x KC Pro Eagle - moderately stable fairway slot. Low-line anhyzer flex king.

174 CE Teebird - straight with little to no fade fairway shots

172 CE Eagle-L - precision turnover / flip-up drives, rollers

179 2006 Star Rancho Roc - overstable but workable mid duties

2-3 178+ DX Rancho Rocs - to fill in the moderately overstable to beat turnover mid spots

174 Grip-line Pure - short drives with little fade. Bridging the gap between my Rocs and Wizards (the cocky rookie of the bag who has the skill to back up his big mouth)

174 Zero-line Pure - very soft approaches, short easy turnover drives

175 M Wizard - moderately overstable driving putter

175 CT Glow Wizard - strictly for putting only

The only discs that I haven't had at least 3 years experience with yet are the Preds (in for 2-3 months) and the Pures (in for 5-6 weeks). The Preds are staying without question, and as of now I'm loving the Pure and don't see it leaving either. Having a fast putter/mid tweener disc in the bag has been saving a lot of strokes so far. The Zero doesn't see as much play, so it might leave soon. I've also got a premium jokeri on the way as a possible more stable counterpart to the Grip Pure. If it works well in the wind or when I need a lot of fade, the M Wiz might get the boot, making the Wiz a putting-only mold for me.

I replaced my overstable and very understable Teebirds with Eagles (x and l, respectively), and found them to be much more versatile.

I dropped the OLF for a while last year, and now that I'm back on it I feel even more confident with them. I'm looking forward to seeing how well this set-up handles tourneys this year. Its basically the same as my set up last year, but I think a few additions have made a bit more versatile (ie - adding the pure, preds instead of FBs, Eagles and TBs instead of just TBs).
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