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Big Nasty Bag

Postby Ferrignohh » Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:18 pm


fl 170g-long hyzers, spike hyzers, overhands
pro destroyer 175g- new tot he bag still working with it beating it in, so far I have been liking it for helix distance
star orc 175g-my main distance driver, I can get a full flight path out of it 325 to 340
z surge 166g-my furthest disc, flies pretty much like my orc just little bit further
star valk 166g- used to be main distance driver but is now beat so I now use it for long annys
star teerex 175g- found this disc over the fall, it kind of floats around in my bag

champ eagle 175g- love this disc, use it as much as the orc for driving, get a full flight path for about 280 to 310
then time kc pro eagle 173g- don’t throw this to much, been liking it for medium annys as of late
z stalker 174g-dont throw to often, i really only throw this when i want to toss the eagle and there is some type of hazard

flx esp drone 176g-this disc is a workhorse, approach shots, spike hyzers, drives, forehands, this disc is a hoss
z wasp, weight wore off but im sure its max weight or close to- my straight with a little fade approach
z glow buzz (look above for weight)-nice and seasoned used for short to med anny drive and approach

sss wizard 174g-main putter, feels more like a ss wiz
s wizard 171g-jump putts, approach shots, basically anything outside of the circle
sss magic 174g- anny putts "trick shots"

I don’t think I have much overlap except for perhaps with my midranges. the teerex could stand to come out and maybe be replaced by a new valk, and maybe toss in an overstable wizard
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