My current bag

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My current bag

Postby Ryan C » Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:59 pm


2 175g orange SS Magics (one of these is my main, the other is my backup/practice putter)
175g Milky Evo Magic --Least stable putter. Use it for short straight shots, or understable drives
175g Clear Evo Magic --Just a little bit more stable than the other. Basically a backup

2 176g Beavers --These are my general purpose driving and approaching putters. Great plastic. The hold a line really well. One is a backup.

175g clear Jokeri --Slightly overstable approaches and windy drives. Its new to the bag, but it is probably going to remain.


175g Pink Opto Fuse--probably my favorite disc. It is rather beat for Opto, and now flips up slightly from a hyzer, and hold anhyzers all the way to the ground without flexing back out at all.
173g Orangish Opto Fuse---I use this one when I don't want as much turn as my pink one gets.

171g Orange ESP Buzzz---MY other favorite disc. It started out overstable for a buzzz, but has seasoned into a very straight disc. Probably my most thrown Buzzz.
175g Blue Z Buzzz---This is a slightly overstable buzzz. It fades more than your average one. Windy days and full power shots.
176g Orange Z Buzzz---This is probably your average Z Buzzz. I am working it in, so that it can someday take the place of my beat ESP.

176 Red Opto Pain---Like it so far. Also new to the bag. Good windy day midrange, and good for pure hyzers.


175g Blue Champion Eagle ---This Eagle has more turn than my others.It has an overall straighter flight than most Eagles do. It is my go-to driver.
175g Yellow Champion Eagle ---This is the next step up in stability. It only gets an turn on a full power shot. I would use this in the wind, or on longer hyzers.
175g White Star Eagle ---This is my most stable Eagle. I can't turn it, no matter what I do on a clean throw. I like this for flex shots, or pure hyzers.

175g Blue FLX Predator--- This predator has been beat to straight, and I use it when I want to fly a little bit farther than my Eagles on a stable drive.
174g Green ESP Predator---This is a VERY overstable utility disc. I can get this one out farther than my Eagles on a big hyzers, and it cuts left harder. On the rare occasion I throw a forehand shot, it would probably be with this. One of the least thrown discs in my bag, but I miss it when I don't have it.


173g Purple Z Nuke---My favorite distance disc ever. It flies a mile. It has no mission in life but to cover as much ground as possible. From a slight hyzer flip, its actually relatively controllable. I can't line shape with it, but I can at least predict more or less where it will finish. This is the least thrown disc in my bag, because the times where I have a wide open bomb tend to be rare.
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