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Re: Bash my Bag

Postby jenb » Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:38 pm

I tried a 150 champ sidewinder and 161 star roadrunner today, and I found the sidewinder to travel farther and be easier to control. I used a heavier champ sidewinder for years as my main dirver, so it feels really familiar. It's travelling about 75 feet farther with my new technique using strong grip and aggressive follow through, and the increase over my Leopard is enough that I would like to add it to my bag now. I can't make it go straight like the leopard, but with room to maneuver it seems to go about 35 feet farther. So on wider fairways, I think it can get me enough increase in distance to be worth toting around.

I'm considering also adding an overstable distance driver for wind, sidearm, and overheads that is like the banshee but yields more distance. I noticed Blake's chart indicates that the Firebird and Monster travel even less distance than the Banshee, so I don't see the point in adding either of those to my bag. Innova's chart does not recommend the Starfire for sidearm shots. So I am considering the Tee Rex or Max in Champ plastic, but I'm not sure of the weight I should use. What do you guys recommend for a headwind/sidearm disc that is going to travel farther than the banshee? What weight? I noticed the Max does not come in 150 class, so that could play into things. But the tee rex only comes in 150 in DX plastic. What to do? 150 R-Pro Boss?
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Re: Bash my Bag

Postby Flipflat » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:14 pm

You could use a star Eagle for sidearms. I use one and it's stable enough to mask my crappy form, but still workable for sidearm flex shots.
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Re: Bash my Bag

Postby JR » Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:16 am

We need more data to give good suggestions. Have you thrown your River sidearm yet is it still fading out BH? How do wide rims feel and work for you? Do you get slips with them? If not a fast and thin disc with a wide rim that is premium plastic, faster and longer with assured fade is Discraft 150 Z Flick.

The distance separation between the Sidewinder and the Leopard is large enough to justify the flight lines. Valks and Beasts need auditions. Beast is sneaky long challenging speed 12 discs for me. They also come in 150 in DX so it should compensate a lot of our differences. Valks and Beasts break in fast to much flippier meaning less power requirement and depending on your form and power possibly too uncontrollable if they turn out too understable. Which is an issue especially during windy days.
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