Pironix's Lineup

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Pironix's Lineup

Postby Pironix » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:16 pm

So I'm making an effort to lessen the number of discs I carry as well as the number of molds. My bag has been pretty consistent the last couple of years with the only two tweaks being the addition of the Katana and Nuke for the warp speed slot...

Any glaring holes or recommendations?

This is my bag before I tried to tone it down... I primarily drive with the Surge, but if it's a tight course my Surge SS and Stalker are my workhorses...

1 SSS Wizard - My main putter, used for anything 40 in or so
1 Soft Magnet - Used for jump putting, or if I have a pretty severe anhyzer putt
1 ESP Banger GT - Used for long approaches, use it out to 150 or so if I have the room behind the basket in case I go a bit long

1 ESP Meteor - Really beat up, love to hyzer flip it and watch it flip up and over
1 Z Buzzz - Most used mid in my bag. Flat top and pretty stable. Use it up to 275 or so for line drives or slight hyzers
1 ESP Buzzz - Pretty beat up, use it for a flip to flat shot that I don't want much fade on
1 Z Wasp - Use it for nearly the same purpose as my Z Buzzz, but if I'm in a headwind or need a little more late fade
1 FLX Drone - Mostly for spike hyzers, if I need more distance I use the Wasp

1 Star Max - Thumbers, shortish flicks, forehand rollers
1 Z Predator - Sweeping hyzers, also use if it I need a good skip around a dogleg or something along those lines
1 ESP 150 Flick - Thumbers, really hasn't seen much use in awhile but it's alot better on my shoulder than the Max
1 ESP Pulse - Really only use this for flicking, doesn't really feel like it feels a specific niche but I used to flick exclusively with it and was playing with it a bit again...
1 Z Crush - Use it for flicks that I want to flex out a bit, or am backhanding into a headwind and fear my Surge will flip
2 ESP Surge - One newish, one beat. My main driver on a typical course. I tend to hyzerflip to flat with these
1 Z Surge SS - Used if I need a long, straight shot I will hyzerflip it and watch it go. Also used for long anhyzers
1 ESP Flash - Been toying with these, feels there is a ton of overlap with the Surge SS here
1 ESP Avenger SS - Beat to hell (has been run over), my roller disc
1 Z Stalker - Use it for exactly what a Stalker does - go straight!
1 CFR Katana - Long, open shots (especially with a tailwind). I usually throw this on a huge anny line and let is s-curve back out
1 ESP Nuke - Throw it like I do the Katana, but trust it more with any wind....
1 Z Nuke - Hyzer flip for bombs!
1 Champ Destroyer - this is fairly beat in, flies alot like my beat up ESP surge does. I usually use it if I need a long s-curve flick but it's too beat in for even that anymore
1 Star Destroyer - When I want something a little more stable than my surges, thinking a new surge can do this though.

This is what I've tried to lessen it to... My mids and putters didn't change at all - just trying to tighten up the drivers a bit. I just bulked up on the main stuff for now to beat in some new discs and try to see where my current stuff lies, not sure if the counts will remain the same or not.

1 Star Max - Thumbers, shortish flicks, forehand rollers
1 Z Predator Sweeping hyzers
1 Z Force - trying to use the two forces for my longer flicks
1 ESP Force - trying to use the two forces for my longer flicks
3 ESP Surge - 1 new, 1 sorta beat, 1 beat - Main driver
2 ESP Surge SS - If I have a tailwind or need a slow anhyzer
2 Avenger SS - One thrashed, one brand new. Backhand roller disc or sharp anhyzers
2 Z Stalker - One new, one pretty beat. The beat one I can get a nice slow anny that will usually pan out, new one stands up to winds better
1 ESP Nuke - If I have the room, I'll give it a ton of anny and let it ride out
1 Z Nuke - Hyzer flip to get some bombs...
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Re: Pironix's Lineup

Postby CatPredator » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:51 pm

By my count your revised bag has the same number of discs as the first.

You just have a ton of drivers. It would help if you elaborated on how you select which driver you're going to throw. I carry 4 or 5 high speed drivers (2 Nukes, 1-2 Forces, 1 Surge) and feel like I have every useful distance line covered.
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Re: Pironix's Lineup

Postby Pironix » Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:35 pm

You are correct that the disc count is pretty close to the same.... it's 16 vs 15 drivers if I counted right. Some of the duplicates in the second list are just to get them beat in for now since I've had the same ones in the bag for so long. I will update the first post with use of discs. :)
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