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New Bag Setup

Postby Fizzleoshock » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:12 pm

So I have been throwing the same bag for a number of years and wanted to try something new. I have found that I really enjoy throwing the Discraft ESP and FLX Plastics and have base most of my new bag around these. Tell me what you think of this setup. Right now my max distance is between 400-425. Most of my golf drives will hit between 350-375.

Open Long Bomb Drivers
165 ESP Nuke
167 Glo Z Nuke

Controlled Long Range Drivers
171 FLX Surge - Long S Drives
169 FLX Avenger - Go to driver, Great in light wind also
166 FLX Avenger SS - Anhyzer and roller disc
172 ESP Predator - Forhand, Wind, Spike Hyzers

Fairway Drivers
170 FLX XL - Quite a bit of Fade, might break in straight or understable with time
170 Glo Z Stalker - Dead Straight

171 ESP Meteor
177 ESP Buzzz
174 Glo Z Buzzz
165 FLX Buzzz
175 FLX Drone

175 SS Wizard
163 SS Wizard
172 FLX Challenger

So do you see any major overlap or holes in this bag?

Thanks for the advice
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