Is this my bag?

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Is this my bag?

Postby Yleisliima » Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:39 am

Hiya hiya!
I thought I'd finally advance from lurking to actually posting.
Finland is still quite covered in snow, but one can dream of spring... and new discs. Until now I've been throwing a pretty mixed
selection, but this year I'm determined to build a balanced bag. Any suggestions and comments are very welcome.

I'm a forehand dominant right-handed player with about 330 ft of reliable distance. The setup I've been planning is as follows:


new Z Avenger -- Stable to overstable drives
newish X Avenger -- S-curves, stable driving in light to moderate wind conditions
mutant ESP Pulse -- Freakishly overstable, makes children cry. Great for spike hyzers and utility shots.
[Some neutral driver] -- Straight shots and turnovers in calm weather. (Northman/TD?)


slightly beat Proline Squall -- Straight to undestable mid-range drives
slightly beat SP Squall -- Stable mid-range
[Some overstable mid] -- Overstable complement for hyzer shots and wind (Pain/Hornet/Vector?)


[Some neutral to understable putter] -- Putting and approaching, and some drives (Swan2?)
[Some stable putter] -- Drives and approaches (Ridge/Wizard/Banger GT?)


Firstly, the putters. Last autumn I lost my beloved, severely beat Omega SS. It was one of the more firm Omegas I've seen
and it was my favorite disc. I'm looking for something in the same vein. I've fondled a swan2 a couple of times and liked
the feel very much. The flight characteristics sound quite promising too. I find supporting a local company a good
idea, so I might buy one in any case. I could simply buy a new Omega, but I haven't liked the new runs as much as the old
dog I had. Also, now I'm free again to try all kinds of putters. Sounds fun! ...and expensive :P
I thought a stable driving putter might be quite useful, too. Vibram sounds very interesting and I've thought the ridge might
suit my needs well. A wizard would of course be a quite safe bet, but they are just too popular :wink:

Secondly, mids. The new cool kids (Pain, Hornet, Vector) sound very interesting, but there can be only one. I'm under the
impression that the Vector might be less than ideal for a forehand player. Am I wrong? My friend just might order one, so
I probably will get a chance to try it soon. Pain and Hornet both sound very interesting, but which would be a better complement
to the Squalls? I've been throwing a sanny Sentinel for these shots, but they are pretty rare especially here, and the grip could
feel better. Other suggestions are appreciated too.

Thirdly, drivers. I like the Avengers. PD's and OLF's sound very interesting, but I haven't yet seen any sufficiently compelling
reasons to make the change. However, it's the neutral to understable counterpart that is giving me a hard time. Northman
and TD are getting rave reviews here, but I haven't tried either. Which will it be?
As for distance drivers, I don't think I need anything faster at the moment. Keeping the speed within reasonable limits will
hopefully be good for my form.

That is all. Thanks and have a wonderful day everyone!
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