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kick my bag

Postby swel304 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:17 am

Looks to be a lazy day at work and I played my first 70 degree, playing decent round of the year yesterday so ive got golf on the brain. Havent posted one of these in a long time because my bag has rotated so much over the years but I finally have a bag that i have stuck with for about a year now so here it is. For reference I avg 325ish on distance lines, probably 360 max.

175 sss newish = main stable putter
175 sss? beat to hell = finess/anhyzer putter/maxd putter drives -this thing is like 10 years old and looks like it has a skin disease but ill never let it go! lol
175 E glow = putt driver/stable-overstable/want to drive a putter that has high chance of nailing a tree

175 esp flx buzz (ultra flat) = stable/overstable wind resistant buzz that wont turn over even if Im trying
175 crystal buzz = dead straight/slightly flippy this disc accounts for 95% of my midrange shots
166 esp wasp = short hyzers/headwind mid drives that are a little too strong for the buzz

150 dx leopard = fairway/sharp turnovers/standstill drives Go ahead and lolz but this one is key to my bag. I can be leaning from behind a tree almost horizontal with 6 inches to swing and still hyzer flip it for 200+. about a year and a half ago when i was having so much trouble getting to 300' consistently I took every driver out of my bag but this one. two months of using it for every drive made serious corrections to my form. I usually carry at least two because they beat up so easy but this is another one I would never drop.

175 ce polaris LS = control driver I have 5 of these that were just pulled out of a shipping box last year. they all fly and feel exactly the same so Ill be sticking with it till I loose them all. lol

170 z avenger ss = long turnover I rarely pull this out of the bag. likely to drop it soon.

170 star sidewinder = This was my max D for most of the last year. I still use it for downwind occasionally but its being mostly used for my sidearm training disc. For big D its just too unreliable with ANY strength of wind. 50/50 chance it will go left or right now matter how perfect you throw it.

165 dx wraith = max d newest addition to my bag. I can hyzer flip it on the same s curve line I would the sidewinder with a much better idea of where it will end up.

175 esp flx predator = gale force wind/overhand To say it rarely comes out of the bag is an understatement, but it's perfect for what it does.

so thats it. If anything I am looking to possibly replace the SW for FH throws (new or with a current disc in another spot), but I am only flicking the SW about 150' on a good throw so dont bother suggesting I use the predator because I cant get it anywhere FH. ha! Also Kind of wondering if I am really in the correct power range for the wraith or if the dx/165 is whats making it work for me, because i would like to pick up some premium plastic wraiths.
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