Working on filtering out some of my High speed discs.

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Working on filtering out some of my High speed discs.

Postby isobar » Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:56 pm

So as of right now, here is my current bag, I don't have the exact weights, so I'll skip that. I try to get most my drivers around 168, and mids/putters as heavy as I can find.

ESP Surge
ESP Flash
ESP Nuke
Champ Roadrunner
VIP Northman
VIP King
ESP Cyclone

12x KC Roc
Buzz (No clue what kind it is, it's a pearly buzz with a tinkerbell type stamp on it, looks home done, found it in the fairway on a course and no one claimed it, and no ink)

Avair putter
Just lost my wizard a few days ago, need to replace it.

So I have almost all but stopped throwing my ESP Nuke in favor of the Flash and Cyclone. I just got the Northman and King yesterday, and played a round with them today. The King seems to be something I can throw 400' pretty easily. Everything else is around 350-375. I generally only throw the Nuke on wide open holes I can put a pretty wide Anny line on.

I throw 90% backhand, and I can put most my discs on any line I want, I just lack the accuracy to do it consistently. So what should I look into adding to my bag.
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Re: Working on filtering out some of my High speed discs.

Postby victorb » Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:47 pm

it looks like you have a lot of overlap with your drivers. if you lack the accuracy to work lines with your discs consistently as you say, then it would greatly benefit you to simplify your drivers and work more on learning to work one disc, then move on from there.

The Surge, Flash, Nuke, and Northman all probably could fill the same spot in your bag. They are all considered 'stable distance drivers' for the most part. Their flight characteristics are all very similar. Pick your favorite - or in lieu of a fav, pick the surge, it's probably the best of that group - and stick with it for a while.

There is probably some overlap between the assassin and the roadrunner also. at your power range, both should be in the understable/turnover driver category. choose one and stick with it (i'd recommend the roadrunner)

you seem to be lacking a true overstable disc. consider adding a predator, firebird, xXx, or the like to your bag for big dependable hyzers in all wind conditions. the king has some natural high speed turn from what i've read, which could potentially bring about inconsistency for a headwind drive - it may still flip more than you want. hope this helps.
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