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the changing bag!

Postby gianetics » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:00 am

my background: playing for two years 1.5 were dominated by fh throwing, which i can hit 300 ft everytime 350 at least 50% of the time 400 ft sometimes, and my longest was a 475 foot blast with a star katana. but becuase of the crazy differences i have been working the bh almost exclusively. want to keep the fh, but feel i need the bh as a base. my bh is maxing out at 325, with most drives in the 275 to 300 range (fairway drivers only). so here it is:


opto river (dont know weight. my main driver after finding it 2 days ago!)
167 star eagle (used to be main driver. high plh will not flip good headwind driver)
167 dx gazelle (stable control driver. hits the gaps i need it to.)
174 z stalker ( longer buzzz my uphill, downhill, tunnel shot disc)
168 pro firebird (300 ft fh disc/utility)
175 dx leopard (turnover driver)
172 z nuke (main fh disc)


174 flx buzzz (main mid. does what i tell it to do. )
170 classic rancho roc (coming back into the bag. shorter than buzzz but more workable)
169 star mako (finesse throws/ big anhyzers.)


175 kc pro aviars X2

in and out of bag: champ boss, pro pig, magic, valk, hurricane, ion.
i know there is some overlap i am thinking of going with river, gazelle,stalker, fl, buzzz, roc, aviar. i know there is some overlap, but since swapping to the bh, and the fact we sell discs where i work i have been buying up all the cheap plastic fairway drivers. any input is much appreciated.
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