Fairway Overlap...need suggestions

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Fairway Overlap...need suggestions

Postby juju » Mon May 09, 2011 1:49 pm

I feel like there is a lot of overlap in my fairway drivers lately (mostly due to the S & C PDs being able to do a lot). I just started throwing them this year and have been pleasantly surprised at the results. Some people wouldn't really consider PDs fairway drivers, maybe they are in a class of their own (like control distance or something like that). I'd say I throw my fairway drivers about 380-400 golf distance. Here is my current setup for fairways:

1 C-PD, regular production run
1 S-PD, pretty new still but really workable
2 Z Preds, one new one beat
1-2 Champ Teebirds, one new one beat
1 Star TL, beat for hyzer flips and annys

I feel like I've got too many fairways drivers and some overlap potentially. I am thinking about scaling down to three or four. Maybe I should test out a P PD to see if I could take out the Star TL and beat TB. I've been toying with the idea of this lineup: P, S, C PDs and Z Pred.

Any suggestions are welcome, TIA.
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Re: Fairway Overlap...need suggestions

Postby what'shisname » Mon May 09, 2011 2:04 pm

I love PD's myself and find that I can fill almost all roles with different plastics and beatness. I did recently drop the P-PD though in favor of the TD as I find that it fills the same role for me right off the shelf instead of having to beat the P into the sweet spot. Also, I have a nicely beat SPD now that's just like a fresh PPD. I would say that a PPD or a TD would cover any thing a TL would.

I'd just drop the Teebirds all together since I find I can get the same flight from my PD's and they power down nicely as well.

As for the Pred, I've never thrown one but if you're really trying to eliminate molds, find some CFD PD's and you'll have that slot covered. I might love my CFR's more than any of my other PD's. They're definitely not as long, but they are beefy and I can throw them into a Gale without worrying about them turning over and shape some fun shots with them as well.
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