My emergency trunk and FH training bag

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My emergency trunk and FH training bag

Postby Billym » Tue May 17, 2011 7:02 pm

This is the bag that stays in my trunk just in case I am near a course or can poach a round when I don't have my regular bag with me.
One idea for this bag was to leave almost all my understable discs out and hopefully force me to throw forhands on most right tuning holes ( I currently throw 95% RHBH).
I also wanted a few discs and disc that I already love to throw. I usually carry a lot of discs so the minimalism and the lack of turnover discs was the idea.
So in my disc golf bag that goes in my trunk is;

CFR glow Wraith 175; distance FH/BH, it is very new so it is hard to turn over but I can force it with Anny and OAT if I need. FHnds OK but I need practice, only getting it out to 250-280'. For backhands this is Destroyer stable.

11 EX 171; stable pig. This thing is more stable than some Firebirds I have. Besides I can't leave the house without an Eagle of some sort.
CFR Glow (2010 BoontFling) Tbird+ 175; this is my workhorse FH driver. It seems like a good FH teaching mold. Don't throw a lot of Tbirds but I love this both FH and BH.
CFR Glow Gazelle 173; This is getting broken in and does a lot of shots, I can turn it over FH. Gazelles are like comfort food.
Star Leopard 168; Yes this is the one undstable disc; but is it? It is actually pretty stable, when thrown flat it barely S'es but with a little anny it is my one BH turnover driver. If and when the FH gets bomber I will remove it.

FR Mako 180; I throw these more than Rocs these days. Super straight and uber workable on both anny and hyzer shots. I only need Rocs for stable, wind and flex shots.
Star Sanny Roc 180; I usually throw Ranchos but this works fine. I use it for stable and anny flex shots mostly. I can't not have a Roc in my bag anyway.
Soft Wizard 172; Semi worked in putter of all trades.
SS Wizard 172; I don't need this except I always need two putters and it is worked in really good and less stable so it makes the bag.

I don't really need feedbck I just love playing unexpected rounds with this set up. I do have to say that all three CFR glow discs in this bag are killer.
Destroyer,Sidewinder,Firebird,Eagles,Leopard, Roc, Mako, S Wizard.

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