What I have in my bag

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What I have in my bag

Postby Robin Hood » Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:47 am

My bag has been fairly consistent for the past few years with a few replacement molds(Forces for Surges) and one add (Hornet). This is what I'm rocking currently:

174 Z Force - Headwinds, big skips and grenades.
173 Sparkle Z Force - Hyzer D, moderate headwinds
172 ESP Force - Stable, gentle hyzers
173 ESP Force - Distance disc(flies like a Star Destroyer)
172 Proline Hurricane - Massive turnovers and tailwind bombs
174 Z Tracker - fairway hyzers and sidearm
173 Players Cup Z Tracker - Straight fairway drives(my Teebird)
170 Glow Z Tracker - Turnovers, rollers, and controlled fairway drives
178 Z Hornet - Mid hyzers(doesn't get a lot of use)
178 Z Buzzz - Hard thrown mid shots that fade at the end
177 Z Buzzz - Stable mid for shots I can't get the hight I need on a Comet
175 Z Comet - Workhorse mid, everything
178 ESP Comet - Backup to the Z
175 ESP Zone - Short flicks and hyzer approaches
174 Pro D Challenger - Driving putter
2x 172 Pro D Challengers - Strictly putting

The Hornet looks to be on its way out as I use it for about 1 shot every 4th round and unless its really windy I can make one of the Buzzzes do the same thing.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
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