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discs in a bag

Postby Vinglehoff » Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:12 pm

thanks to DGR i recently broke through yet another plateau (those bastards are everywhere) so, in commemoration, i've decided to break these lurker shackles and start posting. also, with this whole growing as a player nonsense, my once solid bag has found itself in flux and i figured it'd be fun to start a record of it.

distance drivers
175 champ destroyer - the workhorse. had a first run nuke here but it finally went the way of all 1st run nukes and got ridiculously chunked on a seemingly harmless collision (i was really just surprised it lasted so long)

167 AJ star destro - bought solely because i was hoping it was stabilized ... it is, its fun, i hardly use it *shrug*

175 EO PD2 - beef

*Opto flow - just lost it :( but it had been performing admirably in the stable/understable slot ... not sure if i will replace it now that i've been throwing the TD/OLS

PDs - right now i only have a worn SPD (hyzer flips ... soon to replace my ppd) and an uber worn PPD (rollers, general uber flippy duties ... rarely used) but a fresh SPD (really want to find a champystar) and maybe a CPD are on my to buy list to round out my stable of PDs

STD Vs. star sidewinder stamped OLS - pretty sure its a sidewinder stamped OLS but yeah, these two are going head to head right now. i'm more comfortable finessing these guys straight and on anhyzer lines than my PDs

Star Leopard - just picked up a few days ago to fill the dead space between my buzzz and PD ... might not last long, but so far im enjoying its workability

ESP and new Z Predator - the reason i've yet to hop on the CPD train.

ESP and Z Buzzz - the esp is quite seasoned and its tied with the esp pred for longest tenured disc in my bag status. its used mainly for classic midrange length shots. z buzzz is basically my short fairway compliment to the leopard or the windy esp buzzz.

Z Hornet - trial disc ... started off nice and stable but now that its worn a bit i find myself dialing down on my preds more often ... probably not long for my bag

Ions - started off just driving with them but hot dang i can putt with them too! soft and medium.

soft voodoo - for grip in the rain

discs i'm thinking about adding:
Eagle X: i see a lot of folks rocking these with similar set ups to mine and now that i can put the PD out into the 420 range i am tempted to see what it can do for my game.
Comet: i had a TP comet for a month and was in love. sadly i lost it and have been mourning ever since.
Vector: have yet to find an overstable midrange that i love/use ... is this it? (probably not)
OLF: with the realization that i am most comfortable hyzer flipping fairways the OLF has started to enter my thought process. i am really excited to try one of these out against the PD real soon.
KC aviar: hilariously never thrown a KC

so that's my gigantically long first post. comment, ignore, or massively troll as you see fit.
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