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Bag Suggestions

Postby InvaderMirO » Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:20 am

Current Bag Setup

i suck at putting so most of this is moot and just what feels comfy
Ion - distance - main putter - i can get this out about 20-30 feet short of where my rocs will land, money putter drives
Yeti - close range - auditioning - can't drive with it but it looked unique, figured i would try it.

Vector - overstable - fantastic for overstable but not meathook midrange shots, not very beat yet but it is starting to lose a little bit of its HSS.
Ranchero Roc (DX) - stable/flip - this is steadily beaten roc, will turn over if i muscle it, else it holds the line i put on it pretty well. this is my >325 park it under the basket disc. needs a lot of height.
SM Roc (star) - stable - this fits well between the vector and the ranchero, flying similar to the ranchero but with a much stronger fade, i like this for shots where i don't have the high ceiling for the ranchero.

Teebird (DX) - straight - just got this to replace a 150 star teebird i had but didn't like. so far this disc is somewhat flippier than my PDs but is very predictable, is got me liking DX plastic again.
River (GL) - flippy - this thing will put out nice S lines or can be hyzer flipped for strait shots. this can work lines more easily than the teebird and still remains predictable. omfg this thing will glide for DAYS...
Trident (GL) - meathook - never been a big fan of the grip on firebird so i've been trying this one out. it hooks really hard and predictable, also handles headwinds like champ.

Beast (star) - well seasoned - this isn't as much a disc as an extension of my arm. i would spend days looking for this if i ever lost it. the best part about this disc is how predictable it is. depending on the amount of hyzer put on the disc i can accurately control anything from a flat hyzer flip to a slow right turn to a hard almost sidewinder like turn. i ask, it obeys...
Wraith (star) - this disc is for max distance throws, put out with a little bit of anny this thing will go way out. fade is still a little hard as its fairly new still.
PD (star) - had this for maybe 3 weeks and DAM is it an easy disc to learn, first throw with it hit metal on a 340ft hole, and i have hit baskets with it atleast 4 or 5 times since. it just seems like it flys out of my hand with little to no effort and i can't get enough of the nice tight S turn these will follow. not really an S turn but more like a wavy straight line.
Flow (GL) - auditioning - brand new, have only thrown 10 times or less, so far it seems pretty similar to my wraith, long and strait with a defined fade. i will note that the grip on this feels comfy like my beast, and this disc leaves my hand going fast. it gets to where its going in a hurry, but at the moment im not sure on where it should be going, this one needs a bit more time to tell on how it works out.

i currently throw in the 350-400 range for easier golf lines, very easy to park holes in the >350 range with most discs.
im looking to not so much slim the bag down as i am looking for different options to consider. i feel comfy with my drivers, but not so much my midrange and putters. this is mostly due to form issues but if anyone has suggestions for the bag i am always open to new ideas.
my bag limit is 12 discs... i have no desire to carry a huge doublestrap bag as having that many discs seems overkill aside from tourneys where you would need backups or something.
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