my bag :)

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my bag :)

Postby allmanufrisbee » Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:46 pm

just upgraded to a DISCARRIER pack! super stoked on being able to carry sooo many discs, but wanted to see what people thought of my bag:

Distance Drivers:
1. Champ boss- For distance shots that need to finish hard w/ flick or backhand
2. Star boss- For max distance, really broken in, something that i can put 450+ feet
3. Star Lemon grass Katana- For max distance, pretty similar to the boss, but can use less power
4. Star bottom stamp destroyer- For max distance, only a flick disc

Controled Distance: ORCS!!! (everyone has a disc that works for them, and this one is for me :) )
5. Brand new star orc- Straight shot that finishes hard
6. really broken in star orc- something that i can control in any situation, make it flip, straight. usually a go to driver
7. Tulsa special blend orc- newer disc thats really overstable to an orc (experimenting)
8. Pearly orc- for anything that i need to turn like no other and never come back. Similar to a really broken in sidewinder, but i like the rim on an orc.

9. CE FIREBIRD- for my overstate shots... super cool disc
10. CE FIREBIRD- Really broken in ce firebird that is really controllable, that docent really fade as hard as a firebird. much much straighter
11. 150 firebird- for all overhand!

11x Eagle-x- For a shorter distance overstate shot
12. 11x Eagle-L- For anything thats more open, at distance around 350 feet! something i can throw max power on that will finish straight
13. 10x EAGLE- such a cool driver thats so easily controllable. :) i suggest everyone gets one of these

The Mid Range: ALL ROCS (cause its the best disc in the world- when in doubt throw a roc)
14. usdgc 06 special blend roc- any thing that i need to finish hard to the left w/ backhand
15. champ 07 roc- super hyzer shots!
16. 10x roc- the straightest roc thats ever been made
17. 11x roc- nice and beat in that i can make flip (probably my go to roc)
18. recently have been throwing a proto make in my bag for flicking w/ midrange

Putters: ALL GATEWAY (sorry innova)
19. Throw a magic for drives and cause its one if the floppiest putters out there. great to get out of crap
20-22 WIZARDS (in all plastics and broken in for putting and driving)

im a really new player, only been playing for 2 years, but got really into disc golfing 4 months ago (meaning just got a bag 4 months ago)

please make suggestions!, i have room for more discs (and throw in other discs occasionally, but this is what i love) and love getting critiques.
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Re: my bag :)

Postby elnino » Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:45 pm

What do you throw for rollers? FH rollers and BH rollers.

i think the bag looks good. u might need a dx roc that is beat for mid turnovershots but i'm sure you can control those rocs to get that flight out of one of your premium rocs.

I also like that you have a purpose for each throw.

just try a comet. it is great disc to get after 2years of playing i wish i started with this secret stroke saver.
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Re: my bag :)

Postby allmanufrisbee » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:46 pm

thanks! i like to use similar discs, and by having ones that are all similar, has given me a lot more consistency. As for rollers, I've never really thrown them... most the courses i play at are very wooded, so I've never needed them, but when i go down to southern california, i see where they can be useful. i would probably use a comet, condor, or my flippy orc/ a sidewinder. i have a 450+ backhand and has only been getting better each day i practice so the roller in my opinion is an absolute last resort because i can put my backhand far and straight, but probably a good tool!

as for the comet, i do throw them in my bag occasionally but the proto mako in my opinion is very similar once broken in and i like it much better cause I'm an ultimate frisbee player (where i get the power for huge backhands)

as for the dx roc, i do have some and they usually make it in my bag and a lot of different rocs for that matter. definitely the most thrown disc in my bag are my rocs and then probably my 10x eagle, then my orcs when i really need to get some power.

thanks for the advice elnino!
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