Nate's Sidearmaggedon Bag

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Nate's Sidearmaggedon Bag

Postby BrohanSolo » Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:24 pm

Distance Drivers

175g Innova XG Champion Boss
171g Innova Champion Boss
172g Innova Star Boss
174g Lat 64 Opto Halo
175g 2011 Am Nat Sparkle Nuke

Control Drivers

174g Lat 64 Opto XXX
175g Innova CE Eagle


180g Discraft Flx Drone
180g Innova Champ XG Roc +
180g Innova Star Mako


172g Millenium Omega SuperSoft
174g MVP Soft Ion
175g Innova Star Aviar
(Need Discraft Zone)
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Re: Nate's Sidearmaggedon Bag

Postby Danforth » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:34 pm

Too many mid and putter molds.

A beat Roc will do what the Mako does and why do you need something as overstable as the Drone? Champ Rocs are pretty beefy.

If your star Aviar is the putter and not the driver, that's a good combo, but why would you need a Ion and a Zone?

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