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My bag

Postby Pwingles » Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:53 am

Z force seasoned
Z force newer
GL sword/pro destroyer if cold or wet for better grip

Pd's x 3-5 different stages of wear and plastics
Star RR (possibly replaced by FD soon)
FB- flat 11x seasoned also carry a XXX for longer thumbers and trick stuff

Banshee x2, recent run champ for shorter overhand stuff, and straighter shots with a hard finish
And an 11x kc pro, More overatable than the other, i dont throw thumbers with it tho
Pro/champ glo gaz, dont usually carry both, tweener discs i use when ceiling is too low for a roc and RR/PD are too long

Rocs x2-4 depending on course dx and kc pro
Comets x1-2 same as above newish z and beat x

Drone/zone/dx panther/rattler/dx gaz, random utility and specific condition discs ill bring depending on course and weather

Challengers x3 main putter, backup, thrower
Soft magnet
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