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My Bag O' Crap

Postby rvan84 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:05 pm

I'm pushing my putters out to about 250, my mids to 290, my fairways to 320, and my distance drivers out to almost 360 pretty consistently. I know my bag has a whole bunch of molds in it. I'm just trying to span the time until i can get some discs broke in to lower the number.


Star Katana 172(fairly new) Just added for the heck of it. Fun to whip on wide open holes and watch it work.
DX Wraith 171(New) Fairly overstable. Slight headwinds
DX Wraith 147(Fairly New) Slightly Understable. Tailwind Shots
GL Flow 170(Slightly Beat) Low Ceiling Shots. Straight as an arrow out to 340'. Can Crank it to 350'.


GL XXX 170(New) Overhand, Utitlity, Forehand roller
GL Striker 172(New) Overstable out to 310
GL River 175(Slightly Beat) Understable compliment to Striker
GL Vision 174(Slightly Beat) Hard left to rights and backhand rollers


GL Pain 171(New) Utility, Trying out for short rollers
DX Roc 177(Fairly New) Slightly Overstable, Working down to straight
DX Roc 179(Beat) Slightly Understable, Working to Flippy
Pro-D Buzz(Beat) Almost Flippy, Moving out when 179 Roc ready

Soft Ion 172(New) Overstable Driver
Anode 174(New) Understable Driver
SSS Wizard 169(Slightly Beat) Go-to Putter
Blowfly 172(New) Only in bag to those shots that absolutely can't go anywhere

I know its kind of a mess. Thats why i moved to a bunch of Latitude. It helps that they basically feel all the same.
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