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Daves Bag

Postby davsal » Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:07 am

Ok I am an Am/ Rec type player. Been throwing for 3-4 yrs. now. Love the sport, can average 300-325ft drives. Mostly RHBH, would love to learn side arm more. Only use side arm on >100ft approaches if I need to go left to right.

My Bag: Drivers-
z NUKE OS , one of my newest. Don't like the Z plastic yet too slick. Dives severely to the left, need some work on this one for sure.
Z Avenger , also one of my newest. Getting better results out of this one. Still have a way to go though.
DX Archangle, Love this disc in the wind. Have noticed last two times out, has been turning Right and not coming back.
DX Wraith, Was my Go To Driver, it is only 161g so wind plays with it if too breezy.
Pro-D XL, Oh yea love this one if I need to thread a needle. Would love your advice on what better plastic to get this one in. Showing some wear in the Pro-D.
EliteX Stratus, Don't drive as much with this one, really this one is the one IF I have to Side Arm, is the one I go with. If I can release correctly will fly like an arrow. Use more like a MidRange.

MidRange -
D Buzzz , have made longest putt with this one. Would love to get in better plastic, advice???
Champ Shark, Freebie at 1st Tournament. Don't pitch all that much, Should I be in place of one I have? Or should I shelve.
DX Ontario Roc , up until few weeks ago has been an underused midrange. Have really grown fond of it lately. Toss up between this and Buzzz sometimes.
DX Cro, Really like the Cro, as a nice predictable fade and flys well.

Warlock, not sure what one, it is not a floppy plastic. It is rigid. Not going to lie thought the name was cool. But really love the Putter. Gets LOTS of use.
Pro Rhyno, love the way this one will not slide or roll away if I miss basket. If I am not sure that I can make the Basket on first Put, I pull out the Rhyno and give him a toss. Usually get a tap in second shot.

OK there is my bag. Feel free to tear me up. I am in need of new plastic, so if there is an area I am too overlapped in let me know. Or if I have something that is not too bad, and could get a better Plastic in let me know. Thanks.

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