What do get for my bag (new member)

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What do get for my bag (new member)

Postby Travis L » Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:21 pm

I've been playing frisbee golf for 5-6 years now, but not very often. Maybe 3-4 times a year. I was just busy with other things, and didn't have a lot of people to play with. I own a few disc, but always just used what I had. I tend to use a long range driver, when an upshot would do. I've been using the correct disc more, and my game has improved, I just want suggestions on what I need.

Long range: Avenger SS (given as a christmas gift this year. Really a bit to unstable for me, so I doesn't get much use besides practicing
Z Xpress I use this as a long range driver. I can control it, but I'm not careful enough it it gets away from me to the left (I throw RHBH)
2 champion eagles (168 and 173). I bought 1 eagle before the xpress, and thow the xpress better. I found the second eagle 2 days ago.
Z Breeze I like this disc. I used to just throw the xpress on midrange shots, but I always use a midrange now if I'm withing striking distance.
Z putter-no complaints, but its the only putter I've really tried besides a putter I used to own made by lighting.

So that is my bag. Due to poor form and the disc always going to the left, I bought under stable disc to fix the problems. The good news is my form is better so I can throw straighter. I really don't throw very far either. I had a shot last week land on the tee 180' out. I can problably hit 220 or so, but i risk bad form if I try too hard.

So where would you guys start on improving my bag. I know a fairway driver is the first thing I need, so I can quit using the xpress on shorter shots, but what else do you recommend?

Travis L
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Re: What do get for my bag (new member)

Postby NoLifeLeft » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:53 pm

Start by getting a good midrange. A good mid will be the workhorse of your entire bag and right now you have none. Also, at your current distance a mid will probably go almost as far as any of your drivers for you with a little practice.
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Re: What do get for my bag (new member)

Postby JR » Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:38 pm

A gliding fast mid or a in between mid to fairway driver could work. Warship and Scout are long mids and Squall is pretty long for a tweener. A Kite may pop up high at higher power levels but is probably ok for you. The Kite is unique in dome height and may be off putting grip wise. I would think a Stalker would fade out too hard for you. Out of fairway drivers Leopards are good bets. I haven't thrown the Express so i don't know if that would work with a Leo. IIRC they overlap. Maybe a light Gold line River could work for you. A max weight probably fades out too hard. Maybe a Diamond could work. Lightweight disc with low fade, great glide and low power requirement. Should suit your power fine.
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Re: What do get for my bag (new member)

Postby Travis L » Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:09 pm

Thanks for the resposnses. I bought a discraft buzz and I'll try it out this week, and stick to midranges until my throwing improves.

I went to an open field the other day and was throwing a mid equally as far as a driver, so it proved that at this point the disk won't add distance on its own. (plus I was more accurate with a mid)
Travis L
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