bag and problems

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bag and problems

Postby Bean » Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:33 pm

I have been playing off and on for a year now and have just gotten back into disc golf about a month ago. I am right handed and usually throw backhanded shots (my forehand travels maybe 50 ft), though I have started throwing thumper shots recently.

By bag at the moment is:

star valk 168g: generally my main driver now that my dx leopard and archangle seem to have worn out completely. I can get about 240-260ft on it with a slight fade at the end on a good backhand drive but not consistently. I like using it a lot for thumper shots (prob about 200-220ft) but I seem to put a strain on my elbow from those throws.

champ leopard 167g: I've had this disc for a while but usually used dx leopards instead (the plastic seems easier to grip). Throwing it with a 2 finger grip, the disc takes a forehanded flight path with a heavy hook to the right. My old dx leopard and archangle did this as well.

dx mako 167g: I like using this disc for approach placement shots, though it will usually fade right at the end of the shot and has a high tendency to roll. I can't drive it as far as the leopard (maybe 180 or so feet).

pro yeti aviar putter 175g: Got this today, but its definitely better then my old/used P&A avair (has probably doubled the distance from which i can actually potentially make a putt). I think I am using it from 30 or so feet out.

At this point I think my biggest problem is finding a fairway driver I can use off of the tee box. Most of my discs are very understable and a lot of the throws with them tend to curve heavy right. I can drive them (leopard and archangle) about 240ft but they are difficult to use on tight fairways. I have been using a two finger grip, but have recently tried to switch over to a power grip. Doing so seems to have cut down on the distance I can throw the disc but the disc will actually fade properly left (I still use the two finger grip for any shots I need to anhyzer). I have been using the valk for thumper shots since my dx plastic discs seem to wear out fairly quickly after such shots, but it puts a strain on my arm after a few shots. In flight the disc does a 360 rotation in the air causing it to drop down instead of gliding (Im not sure if its suppose to do that or not). Im not sure if I am throwing it to high, putting to much force on the throw, or if the valk is just not a good disc for such shots.

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Re: bag and problems

Postby Frank Delicious » Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:38 pm

Moving this to the bag section.

Also try a gazelle, cyclone, DX teebird or DX eagle as more stable fairway driver options.
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