old guy's new bag ...

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old guy's new bag ...

Postby Dusty5150 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:38 pm

I've been playing for a lot of years and have recently moved away from wide rim high speed drivers (nukes mainly) and am looking specifically for some suggestions in the driver department. I'll give a bit of history - I jumped around from driver to driver for years, throwing the latest and greatest and never really settling into anything, until the nuke came out. I fell in love with the nuke (esp & z) immediately and have thrown it exclusively up until a couple months ago. I'm trying to make some changes in my throw for health reasons, like slowing down and being more fluid and I have found that when I get something like a nuke, boss, destroyer etc in my hand I feel the need to throw hard. yeah I know, it's mental thing that I could work on, which I probably will eventually, but for now, I have found that smaller rim stuff really help me to slow down and focus on snap instead of throwing hard. but thats another topic :) as for the mids, i used to carry a meriad of rocs in various stages of beatness. i resisted the buzzz hype when it came out, and was a snobby roc thrower for a while, until I gave in a tried a buzzz... pretty much immediately all of those rocs were gone. Putter has been the same since '98.

drivers; *looking for a smaller(ish) rim long turnover/roller (roadrunner or avenger-ss maybe(?) but haven't managed to get to finger any yet)
champ PD - just started throwing about a month ago, jury's still out but I think it might replace my tracker as I seem to be getting more glide/dist out of it.
z-tracker - main distance driver
z-stalker - fairway/straight/turnover
z-predator - just started with this about a month ago to fill the overstable gap; seems to be what I needed there.
esp proto nuke-ss - super flippy for dirtbag rollers only.

mids/approach; *no help needed here, my short game rocks; comments/suggestions welcome.
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Re: old guy's new bag ...

Postby JR » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:30 am

Mid 160s Pro Beast end of story. How do the Aviars hold up in the wind? If you ever get troubles approaching and putting in the wind you may want to try the best Aviar variant ever the D-line P2 from Discmania. S-line is more HSS for better drives and wind handling but it fades more.
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Re: old guy's new bag ...

Postby Dusty5150 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:28 am

Thanks JR I'll try and get my hands on a lighter Pro Beast. I find aviars hold up fine in the wind, when they're new. Just like anything though, they're going to be wonky in an extreme wind. I've never really had any issues putting with wind; I guess I've used the same putter for so long I have the confidence in it in almost any condition. In extreme wind I'll either putt with a buzzz or an upside-down driver. In the winter I don't use the 9x's and switch to a Sinus AP. I find it really sluggish though.

I will definitely check out a D P2. When I started there were only two options for disc manufacturer's, so I've never really branched out. The PD has really perked my curiosity though.
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