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Re: Am I doing it right

Postby Big Tone » Tue Feb 26, 2013 1:45 pm

The tourney was a lot of fun this past weekend. Finished 2nd in my division. Moved up a couple of places in my bag tag league as well. The bag worked out great aside from leaving the Wizard at home to make room for other carry-alongs which left me needing a disc that has a gentle fade inbetween the ESP Zone and opto Pure. Think Im going to pick up a pro-d Zone and beat it in to a spot between those 2 discs.

I stopped by my local shop and picked up a new S-PD that was almost as flat as my used p-pd. Flies like a beauty! Put in an order for 2 p-line's as well. Good thing I did grab the new SPD cause i went for a practice round at my local course and the domey SPD i had went for a dip in the pond(buh-bye). I also had my new glow c-pd's arrive. Same dome as the s-line i lost and they aren't plus rimmed like the c-line i currently have shelved. I like the set up thus far.
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