What's missing/superfluous?

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What's missing/superfluous?

Postby nehlybel » Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:52 am

Hey guys, I just joined the site and am really excited about the wealth of information here! I was hoping I could get some critiques of my bag, since it's always nice to bring in an outside opinion.


172 - Soft Banger GT
172 - ESP Banger


170 - Z Comet
172 - ESP Impact
168 - Z Glide
178 - ESP Meteor
178 - Z Wasp
168 - Z Hornet
2X 172 - Crystal Buzzz


2X 176 - Z Nuke
172 - Nuke SS
174 - Nuke OS
172 - Avenger SS
2X 178 - Z Flick
176 - Star Katana
2X 174 - Z Stalker
176 - Z Flash
174 - Z Surge SS

There they are, let it rip, I'd love to get opinions. I know my bag is DC-heavy, but I'm from Michigan originally, so it just worked its way out that way.
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Re: What's missing/superfluous?

Postby JR » Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:50 pm

Nobody needs 7 different mids and the Nukes may overlap with each other some and certainly with the Katana. With so many discs close to each other in flight you're bound to encounter situations where you pick the wrong disc and think i should have picked the other one. Ditching some of the overlapping discs may help. A putter that turns tightly to the right is good to have too and the Banger is not among those.
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