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Re: Crosseyed's Bag 2.0

Postby Crosseyed0811 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:53 am

I'm 6'1" or so and have fairly large hands (yay cause I'm a bass player :P) so I'm not too worried. I don't have much issues with forehand releases on anything really, just like the smaller diameter mids because they seem to be able to handle a little bit more torque (Possibly OAT since the problem might be from the outer wing drooping as I suck with trying a "fan grip" forehand. Tried Buzzzes for FH's once before and it just didn't work out well for me, was too easy to put a little too much one one and watch it fly off to the left.

I've picked up the Cro in store before and it felt pretty good FH, but I tried out the spider first cause of some suggestions here. I'll probably look at picking one up sometime soon and seeing what I think.
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