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Build a bag

Postby Huntr » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:48 pm

So since i started disc golf (about a year now) i'v been somewhat of a brand junkie with my discs and only threw discraft but it seems like everyone mostly throws inovas, so basically i'm just asking for someone to "Build" me a bag in terms of discs i should look at getting.

I'm 6 foot tall and have quite a strong arm.

The bag i use is the Grip Large Tour Bag

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Re: Build a bag

Postby JR » Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:10 am

That is not enough data on your power and cleanliness of form to suggest other than broad strokes like yes other manufacturers have some discs that are superior to Discraft equivalents. Not knowing your preferences and the courses you play it is a crap shoot to suggest specific discs. You should only switch discs to improve scores not for pure research alone.

It would help to know which discs in which weight and plastic you throw for which kind of shots to which distance. Based on that we can give you educate guesses to possibly better alternatives and possibly filling in gaps and reducing overlap. Possibly better discs because they perform some parts better than Discraft variants and work for some does not mean that they automatically are superior for you. That is why we need more detailed information to be able to find a better suited disc. If you have a gripe with any of your current disc and know in which direction you want the characteristics to change it will make our predictions more accurate in recommending a disc that is closer to your currently perceived ideal disc for any given role.
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