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Re: Rediscovering Disc Golf

Postby aerodriver » Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:40 pm

Here's all of what I have for my Team Trilogy membership. I have the DD Ranger in Strilux. Feels great on my back and the weight is centered well.

Lat. 64 Opto Bolt 174g: Max D headwinds
Lat. 64 Recycled Bolt 174g: Max D straight to left
DD BioFuzion Escape 170g & 172g: Main distance
DD Lucid Escape 173g: Headwind
Lat. 64 Opto Trident 172g & 174g: One meathook, one straight to left
Lat. 64 Opto River 172g & 174g: Fairway shots
Lat. 64 Test Material River 174g: To beat-in for turnovers

Lat. 64 Recycled Mace 178g (2): OS Shots, drives
Lat. 64 First Run Zero Line Hard 178g: To beat-in
Westside VIP Warship 175g (2): Main mid
Westside Tursas 170g: Turnovers

Lat. 64 Recycled Pure 176g: Approaches and drives
3 Lat. 64 eze Pure 172g: One for putts, two fresh
2 Lat. 64 zero Medium Pure 174g: Fresh
2 Lat. 64 zero Soft Pure 172g: Jump putts and sit and stick approaches/lay ups
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