Newbs bag needs critique

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Re: Newbs bag needs critique

Postby Dan-O » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:28 am

A 150g DX Leopard is money if you want something super flippy.
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Re: Newbs bag needs critique

Postby PMantle » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:15 am

JR wrote:Private message me if you want to continue let us not threadjack more. Besides i think you are annoying and not aware of how off you are and worst of all think too much of what you think you know and what is enough for correct analysis. I really do not want to waste my time with you. There is more to life than bending you back straight. I really liked your debate with JHern the other day. That shows you are very good at ignoring logic and lacking analysis skills. Poor you. It seems to me that you don't care that the people you are arguing against are more experienced and well informed and possibly better performing than you. Your choice just don't wonder if they don't force you to learn the things they know to make you better. They obviously know something better judging from better results. JHern has a PhD.

This is hilarious. It's like you haven't read anything I've written. Experience, performance, blah blah blah. Go build strawmen in some other discussion. The facts are here, yet you continue to ignore them because you won't back down from yet another JR different disc experience. I wasn not even the first poster to comment on jhern's post. Glad you researched me.

You don't act like someone who knows his elbow from his ass when it comes to thinking straight. Sorry to be blunt i'm not trying to be hurtful is just call the situation like i see it. I think you fit the saying one fool can ask more than ten wise can answer. Everyone is born without knowing a thing and fools born stay fools as long as they don't learn or listen. It is pointless for a fool to ask if he does not listen. If he listened he would learn to not be a fool after all. The flip side is that it is even worse for the ten wise persons to answer the fool if they could do something useful in the meantime. That is why scientists often don't want to discuss things with others than colleagues. Peers are likely to get something wrong and laypersons are dangerous armed with information they are not equipped to understand and apply. Like giving a monkey a grenade because sooner or later the pin comes out. I am not calling you a monkey but i suspect you are too close to a fool and it is not as bad as it sounds because not all fools stay fools. After all even wise people started out as fools and it is better to start learning late than never. It is a decision.

More worthless words about me. There are discs that can be discussed.

For learning i suggest observation of a big armed thrower smashing your discs well farther than you throw. If they don't act like i described it at sea level it still may not be just the discs. I have thrown discs more cleanly than some and some discs are difficult for me to release cleanly consistently. I don't always feel the disc leaving uncleanly from my hand but it would be odd to have Vulcans scrape the fingers each time without feeling it. Considering Comet record is 330' without any flipping and that is a disc that shows every flaw without fail. The other thrower may be able to spin the discs more and i have no clue how sensitive those two disc are to spin and if your spin and spin to speed ratio differs in your favor. From what others say of Monarchs on this site i've had the least problems with it. So obviously YMMV. The discs do vary a lot and without you sending me your discs i cannot say if they do differ from mine.

This has been done, as I stated earlier in this thread. The Monarch burns quickly for him unless he starts with lots of hyzer. No idea on the degrees. I think that's funny when I see it anyway. He never get the Vulcan to the ground absent an error on release.

The answer to me not giving in and being stubborn is easy. Your newness makes you think your current power and form is the be all end all of reality of how those two discs fly. It is not and i have already described why and how. You ignoring that annoys me and you can leave it at that. I'd love to. Letting flasehoods spread leads to extinction. Many liars have tried that. There are many practicing lying about dangerous things all the time and the US wages war because of that your economy sucks and thousands have died as a result. Lies and untruths have to combated everywhere. Or accept your death penalty for no other reason than it pleases a liar. No thanks.

Yet more about me. You're really feeling guilt at this point and it's burning you up. There's still time to apologize and move on. You are capable of adding things to this forum when you're not either attacking someone or comparing disc flight. [/quote]

If you insist on not knowing anything about disc golf and ignoring reality move over to you'll find many friends there.
Ha, I post there. yes, lots of idiots there, but they use less words, so it's easier to read.
You are dead wrong about how my discs fly for me anyway your discs can be different and it happens all the time. That is an unfortunate fact of disc golf manufacturing and you don't know anything if you have not encountered that. Just read up on disc review threads and you see it all the time from many members. Don't try to make this about me because it is the same for everyone.
Yes, I must be wrong about the unique air and rules of physics you play in.

I will absolutely not back down because anyone insists that i am wrong. Insisting without real world proof is not true. Your data set is too narrow and depicting the whole situation therefore only half right meaning in usefulness dead wrong. Repetition of a false claim does not make it right. If you are into letting false claims when repeated "becoming facts" die or learn to know better immediately. That is how dictators work among other assholes. That leads to murders and worse.

Yes, I know you won't back down. It would be an admission that you were and are wrong. Something you just can't fathom.

Just because you see the back of your hand does not mean there is not more in the world behind your hand. The same applies to your limited vision of what influences the flight of discs. I repeat (har har) speed stability. Use the search function of this forum to read up some more on it. Do you like salt with that crow? Buy your own i've given you free lunches and am tired of it being spat at my face. BOOO!!!

I still would like to know how far you throw to assess where you're coming from experience wise. If you throw significantly shorter than me or in the mountains things are different between us. Maybe you should look at what long throwing pros carry in their bags too to compare the stability of the discs they use to have them stay reliable at their probably higher power than you have.

More blah, blah blah.

Look, we are talking about two discs here. Two dude. Both have the exact same listed hss. The faster one has a higher lss figure. Guess what? The faster one in this case is never going to be more understable in an apples to apples comparison. Sure, if you throw in the 74 JR variables, it may happen. My now beat Destroyer is more understable than my new Astra. Who cares? You've written 7,324 words over the relative stability of two discs with nearly the same numbers yet one is a couple speeds faster. The unintentional comedy here is off the charts.

What discs should we do next? How about Boss vs. Orc? Go!
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Newbs bag needs critique

Postby south.texas.dead.i » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:46 pm

Just and update I also not have mamba and a banshee, the banshee is a tomahawk disc and mamba is father than the comet area and more understable than the monarch. Normally if I need an overstable disc I throw a hyzer. But what would y'all recommend to fill in that overstable gap?
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Re: Newbs bag needs critique

Postby JR » Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:52 pm

Well some could say that is there a gap between the Pred and the Nuke for overstable flight if you throw the Nuke powered down and at full power. Another dimension is the fade. Some might like more fade and others less than those discs have. Avenger is in between the speed of those two discs and it is designed to fade but bot as much as those two. Wraith is closer to the Nuke in speed and fades more than the Avenger almost as much as those discs you've bagged. Unfortunately it won't handle hard headwinds and then Force which is fast but much shorter than the Nuke would fare much better. In non headwind conditions the Force fades hard like the Pred at a longer distance and more than the Nuke.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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Re: Newbs bag needs critique

Postby PMantle » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:16 am

south.texas.dead.i wrote:Just and update I also not have mamba and a banshee, the banshee is a tomahawk disc and mamba is father than the comet area and more understable than the monarch. Normally if I need an overstable disc I throw a hyzer. But what would y'all recommend to fill in that overstable gap?

So many options there. I bought an Avenger when I had nothing for strong winds. Mine is really over stable for me and only gets used for severe winds or long doglegs needing a hard left turn.

if you like the Mamba(hate mine so far) try anything left of it on the charts: Archon, Wraith etc. If dc, I'd try Surge, Surge SS or Flash before Avenger.
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