Need Help with Bag!

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Need Help with Bag!

Postby Ksteele13 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:53 pm

I’d like to not only thin out my bag, but figure out if there’s some better discs I could replace some of these with. I don’t have a lot of arm strength. I guess you could you say I throw with more finesse vs power. Let me know! I’m trying to start taking disc golf serious and excel. All advice is welcomes and appreciated.

2x Champion Tee Devils (Pre-Release Prototype)
First is 171g. Beat in understable one is 173g.
Side arm shots only. One’s a bit more understable than the other. I love these things.

1x Champion Boss
I use this for hyzer spikes. I hate having a disc that only serves one rare purpose. I feel there’s something better that I could use that would have more versatility.

1x Champion Sidewinder (real beat in and older)
Long range driver and anhyzer shots. My issue with this disc is consistancey. I’ll bomb straight and flat for 400 feet one time just to hyzer spike 200 feet (unintentionally) the next time.

1x Champion Valkyrie
New addition to my bag. I’m using for longer drives, as well. It’s much more consistent and a bit easier for me to throw vs the Sidewinder.

1x Champion Teebird
I use this disc sparingly. I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t seem to do what I’d like it to do. I generally use it for longer fairway shots. It’s also more forgiving than my leopards or Gazelles if I make a mistake in throwing it. I need help to find more uses for this. Mines pretty domey, relatively new, and more overstable than others I’ve thrown.

1x C-Line FD (Jackel)
The more this disc brakes in the more I’m loving it. It holds a straight line and goes pretty far. About as far as my Valkyrie. However, it’s the least forgiving disc in my bag. If I even remotely tilt my hand to far or throw too high, it does crazy stuff.

2x KC Pro and Champion CFR Gazelle
Both 175g
My KC Pro is an 11x and is by far my favorite disc. I’ve got my only ace with it. Great for any shot under 300 and I’ve been trying to throw them a little farther without forcing them too much. I’m getting there. My CFR is more overstable and doesn’t fly as far or straight. Still a wonderful disc though. I also have a DX Gazelle that I use as a roller.

1x Star Cheetah
Glide. Great for tight shots and goes far even if I throw it up into the air.

2x Champion Leopards (one is a glow)
First is 172g. Glow is 175g.
Short anhyzer shots. Short to medium straight drives with a predictable fade. And my glow will hyzer spike short distances, as well. My second favorites discs.

1x Cryztal Buzzz
Unsure of weight. Around 172ish
Long midrange and short driver. Flies really predictable and really forgiving. Love it.

1x Champion Roc3
New addition to my bag. I haven’t quite figured this one out, but I’ve had some good shots with it. I just need to work with it more. Or I’m open to suggestions for what to replace it with. I’ve been able to anhyzer this one pretty good if nothing else.

1x Flat Top DX Roc
Cuts through wind like no other disc I have. Basically just used for that.

1x CFR Metal Flake Gator
Used for Hyzer Spikes at shot range. Like when stuck behind a tree.

1x 2011 Ace Race disc (the zeppelin, I believe??)
Used for long range putts. Can easily be taken out of my bag, I suppose.

2x San Marino Mold Aviars
max weight
Love my putters. No issues. Both older and beat in.
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Re: Need Help with Bag!

Postby JR » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:14 pm

Sounds like you have all the Innova fairways except the Eagle and the TL which suggests you've tried everything and are not entirely happy with the results. Some of them may need to go just for overlapping and possibly being replaced something better.

I have not thrown primo rare and expensive possibly not in production thus replaceable Gazelles and Cheetahs so i don't know how they fly vs the DX brethren. As a rule i'd keep the discs you love though -at least the ones that are dependable. I'd field practice with the discs you like but are unsure of to see if they really can work for you. If they don't you need to learn to throw better, get a better disc or both. The trouble with not knowing what i wrong is that if you don't know how to throw you cannot gauge if the problem lies in your technique or the disc. Not knowing if your disc is like the majority of that mold is that you might ditch the best disc for you based on a weird rare lemon. So i would try to loan a disc from somebody else to see if it flies the one you have.

I'd try Latitude River to see how you like it and how many discs it can knock out. Chances are Leo, Cheetah, Sidewinder and Valk are endangered with less danger for the TB but that won't sleep easily :-)

Try playing and practice putting at long ranges without the Zeppelin. If it does not worsen your performance it is easy to drop.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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Re: Need Help with Bag!

Postby luma » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:29 am

If you want to thin it out try to put down your discs on the ground like this (always thinking that you throw the disc the way you want to, leave your bad throws out): viewtopic.php?f=16&t=25664
Really helped me to put a few discs out and be able to put in some other ones that filles free spots which has definately improved my game.

When it comes to discs, I really have to say that I have fallen in love with MVP discs. Maybe if your friend has some of those, you might want to try an the Axis and Vector. I have two Axis' - one is pretty beat up for the 4 months I have it and has become slightly understable and my finesse disc when it comes to shots that I can't reach with a putter. I have one that has maybe hit 5 trees, and this one is laser straight on flat tunnel shots up to around 300', that's the furthest I can get with it. My vector is a really lovely disc for a headwind, it has no turn at all even thrown at full power and into a pretty heavy headwind. The only other other mid I have with me is a beat in ESP Meteor which turns about 60° for me so it makes my easy-to-make it-roll midrange.

Also, have you ever tried throwing spike hyzers with other discs than the Boss. That might work out too, so you could leave that one out of the bag.
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