My bag is set

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My bag is set

Postby PMantle » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:32 pm

After buying a lot of discs, and working pretty hard to move up the speed chain since last August, I feel pretty good about my lightened bag. Now, I may buy more discs, but just because I like the stuff. The weights are guesses.

175 Star Destroyer - heavy headwind only - rarely use
167 Q-Scorpius - Slightly overstable. Headwind or calm when I need a precise line
166 Pro-Destroyer - Getting flippy - used when a right finish is desired
148 Blizz Destroyer. All out distance
166 Ch. Mamba - Used where long hard right is needed and some other special shots

FW drivers:

Z-Tracker - getting less overstable, but my workhorse in the woods
Dx - Archangel - shorter hard right turns and downwind distance
Star TL - straight long FW shots
Ch. Leopard - One woods tee shot and FD


ESP - Meteor


Soft Judge - main putter and short approaches
Soft Magnet - downwind and anhyzer putts
Pro Dart - long putts needing some glide while I work up my putting strength
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