My bag after 2.5 years

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My bag after 2.5 years

Postby cryshot » Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:51 pm

Hi guys,

I started to play disc golf in june 2011 with few discs my brother didn't use - 172g DX aviar putter, 150g dx shark and 175g champion ape. Now, after few years my bag evolved to this:

3x Star Boss (weights from 167 to 175g) - tailwind, slight right, rollers - pretty beat up
2x DF Champion Boss (171g and 172g) - max distance - beat up a little
1x Champion Firebird (175g) - windy conditions and stuff - almost new
1x AJ Star teebird (175g) - overstable fairway driver - almost new
1x Glow Champion Huk Lab Teebird (175g) - my favourite driver - beat up to perfection
1x Innova factory store pro Teebird (175g) - understable (i don't use it very much, yet) - almost new
1x R-Pro Roc (174g), really flat - my favourite mid range, can do any shot with it, except hard fading - beat up to perfection
1x Star gator (175g) - windy conditions and stuff like that - beat up but still the same as new
1x R-Pro Pig (175g) - windy conditions, hyzers - almost new
1x Glow DX Aviar Putter (175g) - fading a bit - almost new
2x DX Aviar putter (170g and 175g) - the lighter is beat up so it tuuurns like hell and the heavier is straight as an arrow

To be honest, I was most succesful using just those two dx aviars, r-pro roc and glow champion teebird (it was my first win on big tournament - in czech republic, it means pdga C). Right now, I am at the point where i can throw backhand with aviars for something like 275ft (almost 90m) with no wind. Rocs maximum is 350ft (almost 110m) and 460ft (140m) with my boss, both in no wind.. I can throw 50m straight sidearm with aviar, 80m with roc and 110m with star boss..

I think there are two big decisions i should make this year:

1st - what should i putt with? Right now, I'm putting with the lighter DX aviar (cause i want to keep the other one straight as long as possible), but i don't have the confidence when i hold it and aim for the basket, because the plastic is softer and it's a bit too light.. I think the solution is a 175g McPro aviar, just for putting. What do you guys think of it? Would you recommend it?

2nd - I tend to overpower all my bosses, distance drivers.. Like yeah, i can throw the star bosses with some wind in my back with hyzer release (no chance in headwind or without wind, they all go right). My champion bosses are a bit more stable, but still, they go right in headwind.. I'd like to keep my bag simple, so getting a new Ape isn't good solution for my mindset. But i am thinking of Star destroyers, they should be a bit more stable, right? Will they be good for me, now that i described my situation?

And what do you think about the bag in general?

I appreciate every answer, guys! Thanks!
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Re: My bag after 2.5 years

Postby JR » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:51 pm

What i think you should do the most the next season is to get on the national team and go represent in the European Championships at Geneva Switzerland :-D The next thing is to get a distance throwing national championships and get the first place. Or are there even longer throwing players in the Czech Republic now?

Some rare Champ Bosses are flatter and have high outer edges and can take headwinds well but without being able to go to a store and compare them to others they are hard to obtain. Normally Bosses are always going to flip even for a 120-130 meter thrower like me when the winds pick up. It is the shape of the wing that Innova uses. The Ape is not as good as the closest relative the Discmania PD2 in headwinds. I think that with your power in the winds a beefy distance driver is a must. So a Z Force or an S-Line PD2 for durability and more overstability or a P-Line for breaking into longer and more reliable than the Boss or ideally both really. For me the Boss is not the longest disc but i do not throw that fast and have good but not great spin which still cannot keep the Boss from fading out too early for best possible distance. Unfortunately for you the longer discs for me are also flippier. Nuke being the king of the hill with Prodigy drivers being close and less controllable. At your power even calm winds might be a problem and i need hyzer to get them flat so for you a lot of hyzer is needed so no chance of tackling any winds. It is just how the discs are a fast late enough fading disc that has the ultimate in distance potential just does not have headwind tolerance. So having a different disc for headwinds and maximum distance is a must. At least with every disc that has been made so far. When the winds get crazy a hard fading overstable driver can become a lot straighter and the wind will keep it airborne longer if the fade does not drop the disc so a short hard hooking disc in calm weather can get close to maximum distance in a hard headwind. So the Boss is obviously useless then but the Firebirds of the less meat hook kind of flight and PD2s should work well in storms. It is my understanding that PD2s are favored by some team Innova/Discmania players over Apes. I think Avery Jenkins uses PD2s. PD2s are popular here in Finland among big armed players.

Putting styles vary and lasers straight line to a basket are easier with less fading discs than new DX Aviars with more glide. Pitch putting raises the disc high initially and there the glide is not as necessary until you are at longer ranges but still a lot of fade is not good and the Aviars are ok. For lasers a soft X Banger GT is great but so are some Anodes but they are slick so not good in cold and wet weather.

R-Pro is not going to last long at your power and you need to replace them often especially on rocky courses. Buzz is flat so is the Suspect. There is the Champion Roc3 that would give a familiar flight with good durability. They have varying domes though and the flatter ones are probably more overstable. I don't know how common they are and if they have been snagged up already. Domey ones feel different in the grip to flat R-Pro Rocs. had flat C MD2 as a different item vs normal MD2s. Dunno if they are in stock any more. They are durable, flat and more overstable than the R-Pro Roc. They should fly beautifully at your power and for me they can handle headwinds so for you they should be fine at least in mild headwinds. I was really impressed with mine. Too bad a gust blew it into a river.
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