9 Disc Gateway Bag oddness

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9 Disc Gateway Bag oddness

Postby Flipflat » Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:04 pm

Gateway is an interesting company. For fun, a friend of mine and I decided to pick different companies which we have little experience with and build a bag with just it's discs. We'll probably keep them for at least a few months and see how it goes. He chose Discmania. I chose Gateway. I like this idea because this is forcing me out of my comfort zone; my normal bag is a mix of Legacy, Innova, Discraft, and Gateway. I have a disc for every shot I need. Going all Gateway will make me adjust to new discs, forcing me to really get to know and maximize the potential of each disc. There is no Roc or Teebird in the line-up, I'll have to adjust and learn, hopefully gaining skill and benefiting from the experience. I'm hoping I'll come across an over-looked gem or two ('gem' is probably too strong of a word).

My max distance is about `320. So far anyway, I feel like I am improving so far this year.

So their line-up is pretty overstable, and it seems like a lot of their discs are redundant, but this is what I picked up today as well as some discs that were in my normal bag:

Voodoo, Evo, 7/10
Wizard, Chalky, 7/10
Wizard, clear Evo (HPP?), 10/10

Element, Evo Proline, 8/10
Warrior, Sure Grip, 8/10
Demon, Evo, 10/10

Apache, Evo, 10/10
Illusion, Evo, 10/10

I have room for one more disc, and was thinking about a Sabre. I'm really curious about the Hybrid as well.

I hear the Karma, Mystic, and Scout are pretty nice, but seem redundant with the Warrior and Element.

Suggestions and any thoughts on other Gateway discs? Another benefit of doing this is that it has kind of minimized the size of my bag. I usually have close to 20 discs, so only carrying 9 is kind of nice. I'm trying to stick to evo and HPP when I can.
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Re: 9 Disc Gateway Bag oddness

Postby JR » Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:15 pm

Assasin. The trouble with Gateway was that the os discs needed breaking in to get discs that covered each role. Now they have straighter models so consistency is the only problem.
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