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JT's Bag

Postby JTdisc » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:52 am

Primary FH thrower
Distances: Truth ~260 reliably, Escape ~290 reliably/~315 max, Havoc ~300/330

Distance Drivers:
165 Opto Havoc - Getting a bit more distance with this than the Flow, really liking this disc.
169 Opto Flow - Fresh Opto definitely has a tick or two more HSS than the Gold Line
168 Gold Line Flow - Main DD right now off the tee.
170 VIP Boatman - Headwind distance. I can count on this to not turn or come out of an accidental anhyzer

Control Drivers for Long Fairway Shots
170 S-Line PD - Headwind long fairway shots
173 Fuzion Escape - backup, tick more stable than lucid
171 Lucid Escape - main fairway driver, fairly straight, holds lines.
170 Tournament Hatchet - long turnover shots, tailwinds.

Fairway Drivers and Utility:
167 Champ Teebird - OS fairway driver
168 S-line FD - Slightly US fairway.
168 Gold Line River - Rollers, keeps my FD from getting too banged up.

176 Lucid Verdict - OS for wind or more fade
170 Lucid Truth - main mid, slightest hint of turn after a year+ of use.
170 Lucid Truth - fresh, possibly a hint straighter than the beat one.
170 Z Meteor - US mid. For left turns. Considering dropping this and using putters for the understable shots or a Truth with anhyzer

Putters and Approach:
175 Lucid Suspect - FH approach disc, hyzer approaches
175 BT Soft Harp - approaches when the Suspect is too far, has an earlier fade also. The soft plastic sits and grips the ground without the skip of the lucid Suspect.
175 Lucid Judge - Short drives, approaches where I need more US than the Suspect.
175 Classic Hard Judge x2- main putter. Push putts.

Headwind drivers: I go back and forth between the Enforcer and Boatman. Other considerations: Giant, Air Giant, Destroyer.

Distance drivers: I don't know if I need the Opto Flow, which is similar to the Gold Line Flow for those times when there is just a hint more wind. I also started throwing and really liking the Havoc, so I probably should drop one of the Flows, but I like having them as a backup if I'm not feeling the Havoc, as the Flows don't need as much power. Other discs in the running: Bolt, Tern, Sword, Renegade, Beast

Understable fairway drivers: I love the FD, but it's not as US as the River or the Hatchet. I suppose I could just switch to one and "learn the disc" a bit more, putting more or less hyzer/anhyzer on the disc to control the amount of turn, but it's nice to throw flat and let the disc's flight do it's thing. I keep the River around because I don't want to beat in the FD or Hatchet too quickly by throwing rollers with them. Still, that's 3 discs that could theoretically be narrowed down to 1.

Mids, approach discs, putters: The Meteor gets used about once a round, but I feel like I could get similar lines from a Lucid Judge or Opto Pure. The Suspect is the best feeling disc in this category, but sometimes I want the Harp for a shorter shot that won't skip. I definitely use the Suspect off the tee on at least two holes so that has to stay. I like a premium plastic putter for approaches but maybe I could get by throwing one of my midranges more, like the Truth or Meteor.
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Re: JT's Bag

Postby JR » Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:31 am

You have a lot of everything especially drivers. The Suspect is a mid and the term you used approach is not mid or putter but a role. Which can be accomplished with either. Counting the Suspect as a mid per the flight characteristics means you have plenty of mids too.

The Havoc is bad for second round blues and better for wind. Sounds like the Meteor is in danger and one us fw is enough. Shootouts on field on the course determine which works for you.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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