What's in your bag - 2008 edition

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What's in your bag - 2008 edition

Postby Solty » Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:42 am

Currently rockin.....

175 omega SS
175 Sirius Omega
177 Q Sentinel
180 QMS
173 1.7 JLS
175 SJLS (Auditiioning)
168 QJLS
175 QJLS
172 SOLS (Bombs)
165 SOLF (Auditioning)
2 - 1.6 EXP1 (good for ~ 300ft) shorter Firebird
171 CE Firebird
***Coming soon for auditions***
heavy SOLF
Sirius Sentinel

All tucked away in my Digi-Camo Revo Dual Pack
*Birdie Bag
*4 towels
*various other little items


p.s. Hadda Take TDK's gusto :)
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Postby dgdave » Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:44 am

wow. you don't mess around.

Here's a bag with a ton of testing out discs

171g * Destroyer with naked lady dye
175g Champ Destroyer
175g Champ Wraith X
2x 175g * Teerex X
175g * FL
171g CE FL
2x 175g * Teebird
175g Champ Teebird
175g 10x Teebird
172g * Leopard
175g Champ Leopard
175g * Whippet
180g DX Rancho Roc
2x 179g 05 SB Roc
172g Organic Shockwave
175g 12x Black KC Aviar
175g 9x KC Aviar
175g DX Old School BB
175g Black P&A
150g * Aviar

All in a Gorilla Boy Gorilla with Quads.

22 discs and a TON of molds.

Here's my Normal bag

175g * TRX or Destroyer
175g * Teebird
175g Champ Teebird
175g 10x Teebird
175g * FL
175g Champ Leo
3x Sanny Roc
3x KC Roc
3x KC Aviar

In a Carolina with quads.
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Postby latitude » Tue Jan 01, 2008 7:36 am

Star Leopard - maindriver
Z Predator - Trickshots, bombs, forehand rollers, big headwinds
Star Valkyrie - Forehand driver
Star Sidewinder - Biganhyzers

2 ESP Storm - Most used midrange, straight to anhyzer
ESP Wasp - Headwind and hyzer

2 DX Aviar P&A - one is my putter and one is my approach disc
JK Aviar-X - hyzer approches, can putt more power behind this one on drives then with my DX
Zeroline Spike - forehand approaches
DX Rhyno - bombs and headwind approaches

Testing out

Champion Leopard
Star TeeBird
Aurora MS
PINK!!! KC Aviar 12x

I think I could get rid of that Star Sidewinder, it wouldn't matter. I would just use my Valk for those shots. I only throw drivers if the hole is really open, otherwise I use my ESP Storm.
What u think?
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Postby Jager » Tue Jan 01, 2008 7:55 am

Z pred
Star Wraith
Champ Orc
Champ TB
Champ Leopard
Champ RR

DX Roc x2

M Wizard x2
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Postby Bradley Walker » Tue Jan 01, 2008 8:22 am

Star Destroyer (low and long, or long hysers)
ESP Predator (hyser workhorse and headwinds)
174 ESP Flash (straight and long, and open distance flex for mostly calm days)
Z Avenger (workhorse straight to hard fade, long hysers, and windy days)
Z Wasp (173 straight and 176+ left)
ESP Buzz (turnover mid)
Star Gator (shorter Predator)
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Postby niblick83 » Tue Jan 01, 2008 8:29 am

2 - 175 g Star Destroyer for line drive power backhand and forehand
1 - 175 g '07 CFR Wraith*
1- 175 g Star Sidewinder for big backhand annys
1 - 175 g Star Wraith*
1 - 175 g Star Orc is my most comfortable driver. Thrown forehand and backhand.
1 - 174 g Star TeeBird is the fairway driver
1 - 175 g Champion TeeBird*
1 - 174 g Champion Eagle has been my main forehand driver but I am thinking that it is about to be replaced by the Orc
1 - 169 g DX Firebird for overhand shots

1 - 175 g DX Bottom Stamp Rancho Roc for straight to turnover shots
1 - 180 g USDGC Star Rancho Roc overstable midrange. It's got enough beef to take some big rips
1 - 175 g Crystal Buzz for midrange flick shots

3 - 175 g SSS Wizards - main putter, straight to turnover drives
1 - 175 g Omega SS - most understable putter. Probably will be replaced by a SSS wizard once one is beat enough
1 - 175 g E Wizard - overstable putter for driving but I am not sure about the plastic. A little too slick for me.

All in a GDS Tour Bag containing a towel or two and assorted minis and other random junk.

Discs with asterisks are generally only thrown in field practice.
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Postby zealot » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:13 am

173g Star Leopard - utility
171g Dx Teebird - broke in
172g Dx Teebird - new
172g Dx Firebird - new
175g Glo Sidewinder - broke in

178g Dx Roc - broke in nicely
180g Dx Roc - newish stable mid
175g Star Cro - overstable mid

175g Med. S Wizard - broke in
175g Med Glo Wizard - overstable putter

*2 Towels
*various other little items

ill add a wraith when im back in the swing of things. tourney bag for today. (keeping as all around)
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Postby rusch_bag » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:30 am

-165 SS Wizard - long putts
-171 SS Wizard - Main Putter
-175 SS Wizard - Windy Day Putter
-172 S Wizard - Driving putter

-175 Thrashed DX Roc - Straight to Understable Mid
-180 Beat Flat Top DX Roc - Dead Straight mid
-180 Factory Second Star Roc - Overstable mid

-171 CE TL - Control Driver
-172 Beat Pro TL - Turnovers/Annys/Rollers
-170 Star Teebird - Main Driver (Either Grab Star or Champ depending on the mood I am in)
-170 Champ Teebird- Main Driver
-175 Champ Teebird - some headwind driver

-170 Z Pred - Don't really use it very often but it comes in handy when I need it.

I was throwing the starfire/orc combo for awhile but I realized I don't really have the arm for it yet so I put them aside for awhile and went back to birds. Also, I am in the process of switching to all S Wizards as I found that I putt better with the S wizards once they are broken in, I just need to break some in first.
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Postby Timko » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:36 am

Winter stuffs:

4x Wizards
2x Elements
2x XL's
3x Avengers
1x Spirit
1x Surge

I think I need to get one of these Flashes that everyone is talking about...
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Postby ziggy » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:40 am

10x teebird - winter do it all disc
Z talon - overstable/control
whippet x - overstable/skip/mid
2 d challengers

5 discs for the winter
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Postby cmlasley » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:42 am

I have a two-bag setup.

Winter Bag (Revo Mini):
173g ESP FLX Predator
171g ESP FLX Surge
171g ESP FLX Avenger SS
173g DX Teebird (Main Driver, w/ LED for night play)
171g DX Teebird (beat turnover)
177g DX Rancho Roc (w/ LED)
175g SS Wizard (putting w/ LED)
172g S Wizard (driving, approach)

3-Season Bag (Revo Carolina):
173g ESP Predator
175g SOLF (newish)
169g SOLF (beat)
169g Star Teebird
171g Star TL
171g Pro TL (beat)

175g Q Sentinel
180g DX Rancho Roc
177g DX Rancho Roc (beat)
175g DX Ontario Roc (really beat)

175g SS Wizard (putting)
172g S Wizard (drives, approaches)
172g SS Wizard (Lucky 13, severely thrashed)

171g DX Banshee (dependable expendable)
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Postby BLURR » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:44 am

What I'll be rockin' for the first part of 2008...

Bag: Carolina Team Bag - Camo Pattern w/ Black Quad's

175g E-Spirit
175g E-Blurr
175g E-Blurr
173g E-Raging Inferno
173g E-Inferno
175g E-Sabre FX
175g S-Sabre
174g Proto H-Illusion

175g S-Demon
177g Z-Wasp (Working on phasing out)
177g Z-Buzzz (Working on phasing out)
177g D-Buzzz (Working on phasing out)
177g D-Buzzz (Working on phasing out)

175g Glow Wizard
175g Firm Wizard
175g Proto Warlock
172g SSS Warlock
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Postby gremlin75 » Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:40 am

My current bags:

(2) X-XL
(2) ESP XL
(1) X-Avenger
(1) Z Avenger
(1) X Xpress
(1) ESP Avenger SS

(2) FLX buzzz
(1) ESP comet

(2) FLX challengers
(1) X Soft APX

Soon to try out:

ESP Flash
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Postby ferretdance03 » Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:44 am

Z Predator : Meathook
X Predator x 3: New to beat, main driver, with hyzer finish

ESP Avenger : Longer Predator, lower lines
Z Avenger : Straight, low penetration with hyzer finish
X Avenger x 2 : Big annies, high flex shots

Z XL : no turn, tunnel driver, slow turns
D XL : quick turns, rollers

Z Wasp : overstable mid
D Wasp x 3 : newish to beat, straight to roller

Glow Wizard : normal putts inside 45'
Soft/Med Wizards x 4 : newish to clovered, jump/hyzer/anny putting, approaching, driving, covers the whole spectrum

5 molds/19 discs, 3 towels, advil, quarters, elbow brace, baseball, cigars in a Revolution dual pack
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Postby niuvalleycane » Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:09 am

Champ Destroyer
Champ Starfire X
Champ Teebird

Z Wasp
Z Buzz
Champ Cobra

S M Wizard
S S Warlock

gonna roll with this setup in the blue/black Revo Mini with Black Quads, if ultra windy, I'll take out the Buzz and Cobra and add a CE Firebird and Pro Whippet.

Love my Revo Carolina, but my back loves the Mini more
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