What's in your bag - 2008 edition

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Re: What's in your bag - 2008 edition

Postby -Jux- » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:32 pm

CE Sidewinder 150
CE Valkyrie 169
CE Monarch 163
ESP Avenger 150
DX Cobra 150
ESP Buzzz 174
Ultra Light Inferno 135

On the side
DX Cobra 150
Some beat up Roc
DX Birdie
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FOR 2009

Postby brennan » Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:45 am

1x DX TeeBird
1x DX Banshee
2x DX Gazelle
2x DX Shark
1x S Warlock

Adding another Warlock next time I make it down to the pro shop.
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Re: What's in your bag - 2008 edition

Postby Spinach D » Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:32 pm

Fast Drivers
1x Star Max 172 (distance into wind, some spike hyzers, hyzer forehands, forehand rollers, skip shots)
1x Star Tee-Rex 167 (most spike hyzers, flex shots, most forehands)
2x DX Destroyers 171 (new for longest hyzers, beat for turnover max D. reliably longer than anything else on good throws)
1x Champ Wraith 167 (reliable longer than the OLF and fewer misthrows than the Destroyers. I may need more of these)
2x M Orion LF 174 (most used driver, all lines and most thumbers)
1x M Orion LS 170 (reliable distance flip ups and turnovers, surgical woods D, uphill D)
1x D Crush 170 (rollers - nothing rolls easier, longer or straighter than a beat D Crush)

Slower Drivers
1x Star Teebird 170 (little shorter than OLF, little longer than Wasps, fades reliably)
1x Pro Leopard 170 (reliable flip ups and turnovers at <100% power)

2x D Wasps 173 (less beat and more beat. all mid-lines)
1x DX Whippet-x 174 (love this thing. I should make a make a "whippet holes of the twin cities" coffee table book)

1x D Challenger 174 (most throws and putts)
1x D Magnet 171 (turnover throws and certain putts)
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Re: What's in your bag - 2008 edition

Postby Marauder » Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:17 pm

Here's what's in my bag for 2008. Hopefully 2009 will get me figured out in what discs I really need all the time and get some backups for my arsenal.

Putt and Approach

175 Innova Hydra (orange)- My putter of choice. (This thing is a brick and feels pretty good.)
171 Innova Aviar P&A (yellow)- medium wear stable
169 Innova Aviar P&A (blue)- understable shots


169 Innova Star Kite (lightblue)- understable and finesse shots
171 Innova Pro KC Roc- stable/overstable shots (my go to midrange usually)


171 Innova Champ Valkyrie (yellow)- understable shots and great tailwind driver
171 Innova Star TL (yellow)- stable shots


175 Champion Beast (red)- flips but not as much.
175 Champion Beast (day-glow yellow)- Beat In and super flippy. For the long left to right flip shots 300 or more
169 Innova DX Beast (yellow) -Beat In and ridiculously flippy....ridiculous
169 Innova Star Destroyer (orange)- Big D disc & long hyzer bombs
175 Innova Eco Star Destroyer (greenish with star stamp) - overstable driver (still field testing it..)
174 DGA Rogue Pro Line (light blue) - stable long distance driver. (still field testing it..)
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Re: What's in your bag - 2008 edition

Postby Frank Delicious » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:05 am


ESP Venom - 174 (messing around with it. I can't seem to find an overstable driver that does everything I want. Firebirds are good but short, preds are longer but aren't that good at thumbers, Spirits are great but start out at such meathooks they are useless until you throw them into a wall 40 times)

SOLF - 175 - new
SOLF - 172 - beat
SOLF - 171 - very beat

Candy Eagle - 175 - new
Candy Eagle - 175 - slightly beat
CE EL - 174 - beat
Glow Champ EL - thrashed


Star roc - 180 - overstable pig
Star roc - 180 - straight, no fade
SB Roc - 180 - always fades
DX roc - 180 - the crazy versatile roc
10x roc - 180 - thrashed, can't finish left


S wizard (4) - 170-175 - all different stages of wear. I rotate between 10 or so wizards depending on the course and my mood
Proto wizard - 167 - main putter.

My bag, except for the overstable slot, has hardly changed in what feels like forever.
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Re: What's in your bag - 2008 edition

Postby gratefuldisc » Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:17 pm

This is the bag I'm working with to end 2008:

172 Star Tee-Rex X (thumbers and spikes)
170 Star Wraith (domey and beefy, distance into a little headwind)
168 Star Wraith (flat and flippy, distance in no-wind/tailwind)
170 Star RoadRunner (new, hyzerflip, tailwind distance)
170 Star RoadRunner (beat, Big anhyzers and hyzerflip to right finish)

170 JLS (control driver)
170 QJLS (beefier control driver)

168 11x KC Roc (beat, so this is what all the fuss is about...)
176 DX Roc (seasoned, working on beat)
180 Champ Roc (overstable, doesn't get thrown much b/c usually trying to break in a new Roc)

175 Sirius Omega (driving putter)
175 Gummy Qmega (approach)
175 SS Omega (putting)

Trying out a few discs for the new year.
2x Pro wraiths (one new, one beat)
light Champ wraith
Z predator
2x New 11x Rocs (to break in)
New DX Roc (blue for the snow)
Warlock (love this plastic. black and rubbery but stiff, might take out the Omegas...)
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Re: What's in your bag - 2008 edition

Postby garublador » Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:38 pm

gratefuldisc wrote:180 Champ Roc (overstable, doesn't get thrown much b/c usually trying to break in a new Roc)
That's one reason I avoid Champ Rocs. Throwing them would cut into my "breaking in another DX Roc" time.
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