The Reason I Push Disc Minimalism

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Re: Re: The Reason I Push Disc Minimalism

Postby Nght12 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:09 pm

Mark Ellis wrote:There is a theory in sports that you need to break it down to build it up.

Maybe there is application here. When I started I tried every disc I could find. For the first few years I threw backhand because my teachers and everybody who was good threw backhand. I switched to forehand due to injury and moved to Pro. When a disc called the X-Clone came out it was clearly superior to any other disc for forehand (at least for me) and I started throwing it for everything outside of putting range (in differing degrees of broken in). My game vastly improved. I was the ultimate disc minimalist. I carried X-Clones (lots of X-Clones like 13 to 17 of them) and Magnets, nothing else.

When Candy plastic came out I switched to CE Firebirds. But candy plastic takes forever to break in. I tried to beat in Firebirds to get some to go straight or flip and continue in the minimalist way. No luck. So I had to find different molds and transitioned to CE TLs and CE Leopards. So where before I only had one driver, the X-Clone, now I expanded to 3 and stayed that way for a few years. My game continued to improve. New discs kept coming out and I continued to try them, adding them to my bag when they were effective.

I figured out how to throw a midrange forehand and added those, mostly Buzzzes and Rocs. Crushes and Flashes came out. They were great! Z Trackers came out and immediately became my anhyzers drivers. My game continued to get better to the extent I was invited to join Team Discraft. Now I could try out every mold they made in any plastic (for free! Hot Damn!) and tested lots of new discs and prototypes for them. I was exposed to a continual array of different opportunities. My bag lost all homogeneity and became an amalgam of whatever I liked best at the moment. Was there any harm from this Anti-Minimalist approach? Heck no. I won more than ever.

Perhaps there is a natural progression in disc minimalism. It may useful to start as a Minimalist as a new player until a certain degree of competence is achieved after which expanding to more molds becomes the advantage. Break it down to build it up.

This is only my experience so perhaps it has little wider application. I'm not sure. I know that when the Crank came out I had no hesitation to add it to the bag, where it has earned a beloved spot.

As an experienced player having more molds is an advantage. I learn individual discs and how to manipulate them. For example for anhyzer shots I currently carry 5 drivers. 2 are Rogues, 2 are Z Trackers. One of each is fresh and strong, the other is well worn. The last is a beat ESP Nuke. I carry 3 molds because the Nuke glides farther than a Rogue and a Rogue glides farther than a Tracker. So for short tunnels I throw Trackers. You know how hard it is to flip a disc and control it's glide! Once it flips it glides like crazy. It is just as bad to go 50' long as it is to go 50' short.

Sure I could go back to one mold if I wanted to. Why would I do that? Different molds fly differently at different speeds. I can either choose the disc best suited to the line and distance needed for a shot or I can try to force a round peg into a square hole. When you try to force a disc to do something which is unnatural for it you shrink the margin of error. Why make a shot harder than it has to be? For example you can throw a very understable disc into a screaming headwind. Good luck baby.

Now I don't mean to by any means to disregard your expertise, but it seems you are reducing the idea of disc minimalism to a hyperbolic state. What Blake says is to use the least amount of disc molds possible, he doesn't say however to attempt to use a new nuke and try to turn it over on an anhyzer. I carry a max of three different molds in each type of disc, but I like to keep it to two. Understable, stable and overstable.

Look at rocs, I can take dx rocs and beat them in to get stable and Understable and have a kc roc for overstable. One mold but I used different plastic characteristics and stages of wear to get the different discs I need, and I get to stay with a mold I'm extremely comfortable with. Comfort and confidence goes hand in hand.

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Re: The Reason I Push Disc Minimalism

Postby Yig » Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:09 pm

Here's my $0.02 .

Played for about 7 years and decided I needed to break it down to ultimate basics , so I played a whole year with only a 150g Champion Cobra. While I never had a record game , I did become MUCH more consistent , and learned what I could and couldn't do with that disc.

That said, for many years after that I used three discs. 1. Champ Teebird 150g (lost the Teebird in a tree at dusk, replaced it with a Star TL 155g) 2. Champ Cobra 150g 3. Discraft Soft Magnet 170ish grams

Since then I lost those discs . Think I had a "D'oh" moment and left them on the roof of the car and drove off , or something else equally stupid. I was pretty mad, especially as I couldn't find a replacement for the 150g cobra or the 155g TL.

Either way , I have slowly built up my collection of discs , more or less to try some different stuff, or to try and increase my distance on drives . I still use a Teebird and Cobra quite frequently , and still believe in keeping it simple. I often look at the collection of discs I have and wonder if I really need all those discs. I certainly don't, and actually could probably stand to get rid of a few of them.

Used to be if I needed to throw a right hook, I would just throw RHFH with a lot of hyzer . Now I use my Leopard RHBH. Same effect more or less, but another disc in the bag.

I often wonder if I really need em all. :?: While each disc has it's role and situation where it is beneficial, it just requires that much more to remember how each likes to be thrown and what to expect from them.

Fewer discs is less to remember.
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