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Re: Mah Bag

Postby Timko » Tue May 13, 2014 1:48 pm

dgdave has been trying to get me to check out a Gauge forever. So I finally put one in my bag. It's a really workable midrange without being too flippy. I can get it to fly on a lot of beat up Roc lines out of the box. But it holds it's height at a lower power requirement, so it's easier to smooth. I'm probably going to put a lower weight one in my bag to compliment the heavy one. It's easier to standstill and control grip/spin the lighter stuff. I'm not sure it will really replace the gravity Ghosts, but it's worth a try. At least until they make a hard protege Ghost (I forsee some nice 10x like Rocs somewhere in the future).

Also, the Quasars are back out. Honestly, I put them in for like a couple weeks, and always go back to the PD2s. If anyone has any flat C PD2s please let me know and I'll pick those up.


2x 174 Excel Clutch (putting)

1x 175 Protege Clutch (short drives)
1x 175 Icon Clutch (slightly more overstable short drives. Faster than the Protege. Less touch)

1x 180 Icon Gauge (because dgdave told me to buy one. It's really workable.)
1x 180 Pinnacle Ghost (really flat. Sort of opaque baby blue. It's stable. Great for power shots and little S's)
1x 174 Opto XXX (forehand rollers, short skip shots, really windy approaches)

1x 175 Icon Patriot (Broken in and flippy. Rollers and low power shots, and touch anhyzers)
1x 173 Pinnacle Patriot (slightly broken in, workhorse fairway driver)
1x 175 Icon Rival (power fairway shots, hyzers, and wind)

1x 175 S PD (broken in, main PD)
2x 175 P PD (1 new, 1 broken in, for controlled distance)
1x 175 S PD (brand new and super flat, for fairway hyzers and wind shots)

2x 171 Z Nuke (distance)
1x 175 P PD2 (wind distance)
1x 175 C PD2 (wind distance)
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Re: Mah Bag

Postby dgdave » Tue May 13, 2014 6:27 pm

Wow. Our bags have became very similar.

Clutches, XXX, ghost, Gauge, PD, rival, Patriots. Also been thinking of putting pd2 back in there.
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